One of the most popular messaging applications in the world “WhatsApp” was named this by Brian Acton and Jan Koum because it sounds like what’s up. There’s some interesting feature going to be launched by WhatsApp for secret lovers, cheating lovers. This is WhatsApp Secret Messages Feature. For sure, this upgraded version of the WhatsApp application will be liked and enjoyed by these people.

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What is WhatsApp Secret Messages Feature?

Consequently, WhatsApp will soon prove to be boon for secret lovers. WhatsApp has modified the idea of Snapchat application. As we see in Snapchat, messages get erased off after some time. Therefore, WhatsApp has built this new secret message self-chat destructive tool. Nevertheless, the tool name will be the “Disappearing messages” tool. It is expected that this tool will roll out in some months but nothing is confirmed till now.

WhatsApp Secret Messages Feature
Secret Message Feature

Through this feature, people will be allowed to set the time duration of message visibility. In other words, the users will decide the amount of time for which the message will stay and later get destructed. Like, they will be able to choose whether the message should be visible for 5 minutes or a minute or furthermore. However, this feature will help them to keep their conversation secret and extremely private.

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Currently, a small group of people is testing the application. Later, it will be available for all the users as the testing proves to be successful.

The news is spreading through sources of WABetaInfo and is expected to work for both one-to-one and group chats. However, WhatsApp Secret Messages Feature features will be there in settings. According to users’ feasibility and requirement, he/she can turn on or off this feature.

Sum Up

In conclusion, there are no dates declared for the release of the disappearing message feature. For instance, WhatsApp can bin this feature last moment, so no one should hold their breath until there is an official release from the firm. Till now, people can enjoy this disappearing message feature in Snapchat.

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