WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media application for Android and iOS. According to the reports, WhatsApp for iPhone will have the all-new Memoji feature. Recently, WhatsApp released a new feature on its messaging app i.e. fingerprint unlock. This feature became very famous among Android users. However, soon it will be launched for iPhone users as well. But, now WhatsApps for iPhone have introduced us, ‘WhatsApp Memoji feature’ in its beta version.

Upcoming updates from Whatapps for iPhone

Whatsapp is to come with Memoji stickers for iOS customers. WhatsApp new Beta update 2.19.90 will include this feature. Currently, iPhone users share Memojis with their friends and relatives using iMessage. Till date, it is not available for WhatsApp. But now the scenario will change for the Apple loves as this social messaging app will also include Memoji feature. Besides this, the feature will be available first for iPhone users and later it will come for Android devices.

WhatsApp for iPhone Memoji feature
WhatsApp for iPhone will get Memoji feature now

Meanwhile, WhatsApp Web is also planning to bring out grouped stickers and albums. In the previous year, the instant app has launched a feature through which the images sent use club together and form an album. This, as a result, saves screen space and allows flexible deleting and forwarding to images.

As we all know, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook. However, now “WhatsApp” name will get changed to “WhatsApp from Facebook”. This difference will be seen under settings in the upcoming WhatsApp update.

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Moreover, WhatsApp will come up with a boomerang feature soon. In contrast, the feature will get released first for iOS users rather than android users. Boomerang is already available on the Instagram app which makes a small video of seven seconds. However, when WhatsApp will release the Memoji feature into the market for Android and iOS users are not confirmed.

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