Through this post, I will take you the ride of Venugopala Swamy Temple, the place I wanted to visit since childhood. I was hardly 3 when I started to know the world around me. But, I was put into school as others. Well, now life has taught me a lesson i.e.

“If you won’t score well, you will be leading a mediocre life.”

Why I was So Eager to have a Tour?

Scoring well and passing 10th standard, I thought at least then I could travel and explore. This was the common mantra taught to me all through my school days. However, I heard “No”, all the time. I was always told, higher secondary is a crucial stage. Be serious at least for these two years and study hard.”Okay, I thought to be patient and calm down my nerves and concentrated on studies. 

During graduation, I came to know, “If you don’t study now, you won’t get a job.” Even though I didn’t want the job, I had to satisfy the demands of society. Well, what a sheep palter! So I was into this race to escape from mediocrity. But paradoxically I was made a mediocre! I was put to do the mundane work which everyone else does. I realized this only after the completion of the degree. 

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Yes, I need a break – I  finally decided. I need a break to reflect on myself so that I can know myself better. I need it to organize my thoughts, to think about what really I want to do, to escape from the mundane. My inner wanderlust was ablaze. My best friend made herself free for me to take me on a long ride. The destination was already chosen by her. We fixed it on Sunday. I was really grateful to her for the trip.

The Unplanned Trip of Venugopala Swamy Temple

As I don’t know to ride, she asked me to switch on maps for Venugopala Swamy Temple as a destination, so that she could ride. It was 22 km away from Mysuru. It was still early morning and the sun was not right on our heads. The city was slowly coming into life. We passed through the city, industrial area, countryside and even forest. We were obedient followers of Google maps and you have to be in a new place else you can easily get lost. However, it betrayed us. What a day! 

It guided us to a gate into which public was not allowed (But the map suggested it as it was the shortest route The Google “fanda”. How should it know that its pupil was not allowed inside?). Disappointed, we turned the map off and took a new route, asking people (I understood that people could be more trustworthy than technology). It added some more distance to our journey thus making it a long ride. 

In this new route, we met a local who was on his two-wheelers. For our luck, he took us to our destination until we were a mile away from the temple. Thanks to him. In this last mile, we could see water on both sides or sometimes rocks and farms. It was relishing to eyes to see greenery which usually sees the man’s signs of civilization – the cities. 

Finally, my driver (My friend, that’s what in fact she was😆) took me to the temple. We were standing in front of a grand grey structure which was in the middle of the water (Even though it was the rainy season, not much water could be seen). To me, the temple looked like a sage in meditation in that mesmerizing environment Wow!. 

To give you a short description of the place, Venugopala Swamy Temple is situated in Mandya district of Karnataka. The temple which has “Hoysala style” of architecture was built in 12th century A.D. It is in the back-water of Krishna Raja Sagara dam (called KRS hereafter), built across the river Kaveri. After the construction of the dam, it was sunk. Recently it has been renovated preserving the old style.

A glimpse of The Temple Front Yard

You know what we youngsters do when we get to a photogenic site; you guessed it right! We started taking innumerable pictures (of course, those scenes deserved our attention). Let me show you some of my good-to-show pictures (I am not a very bad photographer though😜).

Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple (But, we are born to break the rules, haha! just joking. But don’t expect the photo of everywhere. I was not willing to get caught!)

Venugopala Swamy Temple wide angle view
wide-angle view
Stone chariot of Hampi mimicked of temple of Venugopala Swamy Temple
Stone chariot of Hampi mimicked

Inside two quadrangles, we could see mantap and sanctum. Inside mantap, we saw pillars with circular fittings, which held roof decorated with various flowery chandeliers made of stone. As it was Sunday, many visitors  – including foreigners- were on the sightseen. A black statue of Lord Krishna was placed in the sanctum. Inside the sanctum, the hymns being chanted were being echoed. we were supposed to maintain silence. We sat in the mantap for a while as it was peaceful. 

On the inside quadrangle, there are statues of Saptarshi, the family of Shiv, Dashavatar of Vishnu – to name few. 

Outside the temple, the backwater of KRS welcomed us.  After playing there for some time, we rode back to Musuru for lunch. (My friend had a lunch date with her friends. I was haddi in Kabab!)

The wide quadrangle inside the temple
The wide quadrangle inside the temple
The back side of the sanctum of Venugopala Swamy Temple
The backside of the sanctum

How You Can Enjoy the Journey?

We rode back through the same path (but without map this time). We took some wrong paths which still lead us to the destination. After long brainstorming, they had decided to dine in Sutra (A veg restaurant in Mysuru). 

The restaurant was aesthetically designed with a Rajasthani theme. I was attracted to the colorful umbrellas hung to the roof. Indoor was decorated with colorful champagne bottles and trunks. We were busy sipping a smoothie as her friends came.

The rooms

Venugopala Swamy Temple handicrafts
The handicrafts

I found the food delicious as I was extremely hungry.




After lunch, we took some more pictures. Then her friends left.

On the way home, I thought that the journey had taught me so much. In life, we get many misguide-lines, many deviations. Even though it takes more time, or we get deviated, we finally reach the destination and achieve whatever we are intended to achieve. We meet many people who add to our lives. Life is nothing but a collection of so many little moments which are lively.

(P.S. Whatever happens, happens for good! 🌝)

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