The basic goal of this article is to improve the accuracy of gathering software requirements using usability engineering receptive to the user’s needs and to ensure the usability of the software. The principal task is to outline the benefits of Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) discipline on SDLC.

What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

SDLC is a stepwise process of producing quality software. In other words, SDLC is a framework to develop any software in a defined procedure. Basically, SDLC is a discipline which follows below concepts:-

1. Listen, do not interrupt

This means that one should not interrupt customer or client while he/she is describing their product based requirement. Because in that case, we can miss some of the demands and requirement of the customer. At later stages, it becomes tough to add them to end software.

2. Think, do not rush for judgment

While planning about software development take time to decide things. However, if the wrong decisions will be taken, then it will be bad anyway.

  • Do Analysis, do not believe what you hear and then try to select the right and suitable analysis. Also, don’t generalize things.
  • Start with designing and make sure the design and plan are feasible.
  • Don’t take long in implementation or accomplish the desired actions.

However, technology keeps on changing every year. If one takes more time in implementation then till then technology will change and the software will be no more required in the market. Consequently, changing the technology of software at the last moment is practically not possible.

3. Always check-back & keep checking what’s working

One should keep on testing all modules of software timely. Although, unit testing takes time but is very accurate and required for better software deployment.

4. Repair what’s is broken

Regular maintenance of software is a must for long term efficient use of the software.

Software development life cycle

The SDLC pattern is designed in a way that all customer requirements and expectations are met that too in minimum cost and time.

Steps That You Must Follow To Develop Anything New

  1. Identify the current problems- “What don’t we want?”
  2. Plan- “What do we want?”
  3. Design- “How will we get what we want?”
  4. Build- “Let’s create what we want”
  5. Test- “Did we get what we want?”
  6. Deploy- “Let’s start using what we got”
  7. Maintain- “Let’s get this closer to what we want”

What is Usability Engineering?


The above picture clearly depicts what is usability engineering.

We can define Usability engineering as the extent at which a product can be used by the end-user as per his requirement. Therefore, the product should be effective, efficient and should meet customer satisfaction.

usability engineering

Integration Of Usability Engineering And SDLC

usability engineering

Moreover, if software development life cycle merges with usability engineering then, we can deliver the best quality products. Below are some reasons for that.

  • The functionality of the software can be improved by the usability aspect
  • Users need not suffer by having complex software working and flow
  • The software can be defined easily
  • Usability of software can be tested in the early stages


In conclusion, the merging of SDLC and usability engineering can make the best software out of it.

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