Over time, Google Photos has become very popular among Android and iOS users. Now, we are eagerly waiting for Google Photos new features. Google Photos app uses various machine learning algorithms to organize user’s videos and photos. Therefore, the app also manages the user’s photo gallery and also provides multiple types of media-based useful features. Through this app, user can also back up their photos and videos on the cloud for free and also synchronize them with their device in case of requirement. 

These are the new features of Google Photos

On July 2, 2019, David Lieb, product lead of Google Photos announced about upcoming new features of Google Photos through a string of Twitter. In interactive with the users of Google Photos, he got positive feedback about the app. Later on, in the discussion, he highlighted all features with no promises of schedule.

1. Manual Face Tagging 

Google Photos will be more strong with face recognition in the future. As it will allow one to manually add a face to the app that it has not encountered earlier. Though, recently, Google Photos grant one to remove wrongly tagged pictures but not let users add photos by themselves to tagged faces.

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2. Search framework for recently uploaded photos Google 

Photos mobile app will allow the user to search recently uploaded photo. Through this feature, one will be also able to access pictures a bit quickly as they are able to in present. The app will now let one to easily view and edit pictures recently uploaded, although the image is from numerous years ago.

Google photos new features
Google Photos App

3. Timestamps editing

Like Web and iOS users, Android users will be able to change the timestamp of photos and videos on Google Photos app.

4. Pet Photo Sharing

Through this feature, the user will be able to automatically share pictures of their pets to their friends and family(Partner).

5. Delete Photos from Album 

Till now, Google Photos doesn’t offer the feature of deleting irrelevant and disliked pictures of users. But in coming future the app “Google Photos” will permit one to delete unnecessary and extraneous images.

6. Upload from The Drive

Additionally, Google Photos will also introduce an option named as “Upload from Drive” and will allow users to manually choose which photos and videos from Drive they want to import into Google Photos. The content imported in this case will, however, be available separately across both products and without any link between them. 


In the discussion on Wednesday, David Lieb didn’t confirm about the timelines and deadlines of these features but stated that they will be soon able to make up with these features of Google Photos.

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