There are many types of Networking cables present in the market nowadays. But today I will tell you which cable is best for your propose.

Networking cables are used to transfer data from one device to another. Now which cable you should go for depends upon the network size and on its topology. Choosing a perfect networking cable for your needs is the most important part. This is because if you go for the wrong cable by mistake then you will face a lot of problems in sending and receiving data and its speed. Network infrastructure is a thing that we setup once because it needs lots of money and handwork.

Cables act like the backbone of the network infrastructure. So, choosing good cables is most important for your network.

These are the most common types of Networking Cables

1. Single Twisted Pair

Single twisted pair cable consists of two independently insulated twisted wire cables. These two wires are twisted one another which helps to reduce the crosstalk (don’t affect other communications devices by reducing the disturbance) and electromagnetic induction.

types of networking cable
Single Twisted Pair

This cable was used in the past but now, it is outdated because of its speed and performance.

2. Shielded Twisted pair (STP)

Shielded twisted pair consists of 8 cables and each cable is twisted with another cable which makes 4 groups of two cable each. Every two twisted cable wrapped in metallic foil. Then all 4 groups of 8 cables wrapped in metallic foil. Metallic foil reduces the electronic noise in sending and receiving data.

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STP can also use the same connectors which UTP uses which is RJ connectors. STP is more expensive and difficult to install. However, it provides good interference than UTP. It must be grounded properly from both ends otherwise it will catch unwanted signals by acting as an antenna. STP is mostly used in Europe.

Shielded Twisted pair networking cable
Shielded Twisted-pair Cable

The average speed of Shielded twisted pair cable is from 10-100mbps. You will find STP in RJ45 cable which is used for transferring data from one PC to another.

3. Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable is a thick cable and is used in Televisions. It gives a good speed as per the price which is 10-100mbps. These cables are inexpensive but costly than UTP. It can be cabled to longer distances as compared to twisted pair. Physical bus topology uses this type of cable because it is cheaper and less cable is needed in this topology.

Coaxial cable
Coaxial cable

These cables are outdated now because of their larger diameter which creates difficulty in installation. Moreover, these cables can not be bend between the walls. It comes in different sizes and variants. But, the cable which is good for speed and noise cancellation is of 1cm diameter a really thick cable!

4. Unshielded Twisted pair (UTP)

Unshielded twisted pair cable is not shielded as compare to STP and because of that its diameter is very less (0.17inch). This gives better installation techniques. The specification of this cable is that it has 22 and 24 gauge copper wires in it. So, it has a transfer speed of 10-1000mbps of speed. It can be taken to larger distance that’s why nowadays in every office usually we use UTP cables.

types  of networking cable
Unshielded Twisted pair

But, because of unshielded cable, electromagnetic signals generate time to time and someone has to purify it otherwise the network will not work smoothly.

Types of UTP cables

  1. Cat 1: it is Used in telephone communication and not good for transmitting data.
  2. Cat 2: It can transmit data with a higher speed of 4mbps.
  3. Cat 3: It can transmit data with the speed of 10mbps and used in 10Base-T networks.
  4. Cat 4: It can transmit data with 16mbps speed and used in a token ring network.
  5. Cat 5: It can transmit data with 100mbps speed.
  6. Cat 5e : It can transfer data upto 1000mbps(1gbps).
  7. Cat 6: It is currently the fastest standard for UTP. It has a splitter between wires which gives good signal strength.

5. Optical Fiber cable

It is the latest technology in cables and is best for networking. Though it is expensive, it is worth for its price. However, it is not used in small offices. Basically for connecting two different countries for the internet fiber optical cable is used under the sea.

Optical Fiber cable
Optical Fiber cable

It works on electronic light signals and generates TIR in the cable. As we all know that light is the fastest medium of transport like that optical fiber is also the fastest because of light in it. The data can travel up to 60km without interference and support the speed up to 1000gbps.

types of networking cables
Comparison and Specification Overview

Please if you know more types of Networking cables, do suggest to us and we will include them on this list. Thanks for reading.

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