The field of technology is growing at a very fast pace and we can clearly imagine our upcoming future technologies. Every passing night technology is enhancing and it has become very difficult to keep up with the latest tech. However, there are some future technologies available that you must know about. So, through this post, our goal is to make you aware of these future technologies.

Here are a few Future Technologies which will blow your mind

1. OraSaifu, Future Technologies for Wallets

It’s first of its kind, all in one solution for your 

  • Asset storage 
  • Transaction
  • Recovery
OraSaifu, Future Technologies

No more hassles from the outdated wallets. OraSaifu is modern-day smart wallets that use blockchain technology. Therefore, it allows you safely store all your cards, cryptocurrencies, even the membership card from your local store in one place. Everything is organized and accessible at your fingertips. You can use the OraSaifu to pay for everything, store all your cryptos, unlock your door. Also, you can use it to exchange name cards all with this simple but amazing hardware. Billions of dollars asset got hacked and stolen every year. You should be worried about you as well. 

OraSaifu is the first hardware on earth using both TEE and SE technology to ensure 100% security over your assets storage and payments. For cryptocurrency users, you can use OraSaifu as a cold wallet. You can have full control of your crypto asset and make peer to peer transaction anywhere you want. Traditional credit cards and cryptos app are still hackable when they got lost or stolen. But not with OraSaifu, its wallet will self-erase your key information after five fail attempts. Your data will never be passed to the wrong hands.

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Data Recovery through OraSaifu

What about data recovery, you might wonder? Introducing you BiPal, the NFC enabled backup chipset for OraSaifu. This one-tap recovery solution provides an effortless way to recover your data. For crypto users, Bilal can also replace your mnemonic words in a more secure and reliable way.

We believe a wallet should not be functional but also be artistic. The OraSaifu has 4-inch sapphire display with a screen to body ratio of 83.8%. It has gone through 45 steps of polish and multi-layer coating, the body is designed to fit for palm. This is a company formed by scientist and top developers specialized in payment security and digital asset security. they are 100% confident about this product and are ready on every perspective from software to hardware. This is the future of payment.

2. Sonicbeer


Beer: the sacred liquid element. As we drink a beer the foam disappears and with it the aroma and flavor. Foam is the beer’s natural defensive layer that protects it from oxidation and retains volatiles. That’s why. For all those beer lovers who value the small details, here presents the revolutionary new experience device: Sonicbeer.

Using the latest technology Sonicbeer generate ultrasonic waves that stimulate the carbonated volatile components inside your beer breaking some of the intramolecular interactions extracting foam with aromatic compounds. All in just a few seconds! Place the glass of beer on the base, push the button. Enjoy. You can then experience a better tasting beer with a creamy foam and complex sensations. Sonicbeer is Portable i.e. you can take it anywhere. Also, it has an elegant minimalist design with customizable colors. Ethical: Made with recycled plastics without planned obsolescence and re-useable common double-batteries. To know more follow Kick starter, Cheers! Sonicbeer: it enhances your beer experience.

3. Wiral Lite 

Wiral Lite

It aims to make the impossible film shot possible. Introducing the next generation of future technology in cable cam. It enables easy filming in places even drones can’t go. The Wire lite is the first-ever portable and easy to use cable cam. “The Lite kit” is the perfect extension to your existing camera set-up.

The Wiral Lite is foldable, making it easy to carry with you in a backpack and with the intuitive mounting system, it can be set-up in less than 3 minutes. It could make a video going through windows, through cars, really packed woods or other places where you would never imagine flying a camera. But at the same time keep it so simple, that anyone could use it. 

Wiral Lite the future of cam

Even though it’s the first operating a cable cam you would definitely be successful. The virtual lite goes fast enough (normal mode 28 MPH) to follow the action at high speed and slow enough (time-lapse mode 0.01 MPH) to capture that perfect time-lapse shot. Battery, well it lasts up to 3 hours with lights indicating how much you have left. With the background from arranging and filming, extreme sports events and festivals.

It is seen that more and more filmmakers from beginner to a pro-level, are seeking new angles when capturing their most extreme and memorable moments on video. That’s why  Wirral lite is available for everyone, and compatible with any camera and stabilizer, up to 3.3LBS. With their teams of engineers, filmmakers, and athletes – they are bringing this product to life, on Kickstarter.  Making impossible shots, possible!

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