Have anyone thought ever that are we really here to just live life? We often wonder and imagine about the secret of life, the true meaning of life or say the purpose of this life we got. I believe that life is not all about living but exploring new behind the term “Maybe” and accomplishing the purpose behind one’s birth.

Always believe that you have something special to give to this world that nobody else has.

Exploring the Secret of Life

Every morning, one should get up saying himself/herself that I am special, I am extraordinary and I am great. These are the key and the most important secret of life we miss. Nobody can cease one from shaping one’s own dreams and goals. With the persistent endeavor, one has to realize that all the miracles and knowledge are already there inside him/her. For that one should know that he/she has so much work to do. While others will sleep, one has to wake up working hard the whole night. While others will procrastinate their actions, one will have to get hold of one’s actions. One has everlasting potential, as long as his heart is beating, he has a golden opportunity to bring the change in the world, change in his life.

secret of life
The life

Some secret of life, measures for accomplishing happy life are mentioned below:

  • If every single day one shed every single drop of blood to achieve whatever he /she had ever wished to then, although knowing that it is ones last day, he/she can sleep without any dismay and discontentment.
  • Everything in life one should be remembered as the greatest. One should dig deep inside his soul to bring the power to not become good but the great. Only lack of belief makes one unsuccessful. Our belief in ourselves, our shred and our spirit are true to wake up us every day to tell the whole world that I will be something very unique that no one else could ever be.

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  • Do that work in your life for which you can sacrifice any precious thing. Then, that day will be no far when one will have achieved all the things that he/she wanted. Moreover, now one will not have the fear of losing anything. One will be unbreachable and unstoppable.
  • One should keep challenging him/her against the boundaries of a normal lifestyle. Additionally, one should realize that every moment is important to build something beautiful from themselves. This will prove to be a bold stand from their side.
  • Do have the strength to change the lines of your hands. If people call you weak by saying your luck is bad then, make sure to show them that you are a builder of your luck and nobody else. However, no problems will able to move or stop you from changing your own destiny although if they are in the huge count.
  • Don’t get stuck with your problems at any moment of life. Just remember that everyone has problems in life. All that one has to do is fight from that problem and make life easy. Everyone among us always feels that our problem is most big but when we see all around we find many more people with bigger problems. Never become victimized by your problem rather than survive through them. The time you will decide to not get affected by your problem, you will change your problematic scenarios and circumstances.
  • One has to stop being judgmental and envious to the people then only one can truly elevate their career and move towards their success because one situation to different people seem to be different. So, there is no success rate of one’s perception. One should engage your wonderful, powerful and portable brain in posting their goals rather than being envious to people. This only helps one in losing his/her strength.
  • One should never stop in the middle of the journey if he/she had started. Actually, success has nothing to do with our early efforts and circumstances. It’s not about doing things adventurously in beginning and later on due to the worst scenarios and circumstances, reducing efforts. Success only depends on consistent effort and actions.
  • One should never sell his dream to anyone at no price, any amount. One’s dreams are his individuals. His dreams are his means of survival, they are his way to prove his existence uniquely.
  • Life is highs and lows like a staircase. One step up sometimes feeling things going right in their way but there may be some circumstances that things don’t go their way then, Is it right to step down from that staircase? Or stay there itself without escaping from situations and people rather than trying to understand them and their behavior on that staircase.
staircase life
staircase life challenge
  • Life becomes tough sometimes. One can make it a little better for him to survive by doing things to others that make them happy. Many times they may not accept the things but there should not be any regrets for doing those things. Because one should just simply try to make someone happy. Moreover, one can’t control how the person takes it. So, one should always try to spread happiness all around without worrying about his happiness. It will at least make him feel satisfied, maybe not happy.
  • One should never get surprised by unexpected events of life. The ultimate truth of life is nothing stays forever. So, rather than crying for things being lost, one should learn to deal with that situation. People should always move on with the things coming in their ways. Furthermore, one should try to find meaning in suffering also.
  • Life is all about giving and sharing happiness. One should not only be successful rather than spreading the message among all to be successful. Life is about serving and giving. Life is making people realize that people out are not only to hit you but love you.


If one feels distressed ever or like losing part of his/her life. Then, they should go through these points. The secret of life, its purpose is all inside you just, you need to explore yourself. This will make them completely energetic and full of enthusiasm to achieve their goals and dreams. I would surely like to know your comments on this article. So, reply by commenting on your own views.

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