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Wayanad: A Place Full of Beauty in Kerala, INDIA

Traveling for hours through the air, crossing mountains standing still with twisty river waves feels like heaven. Hitting the gorgeous shores, enchanting...
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How To Hack Wifi Just In 5 Minutes

Whenever you see wifi you want to connect with that and enjoy the internet connectivity. This post will teach you to hack...

Google Removes 85 Apps Containing Adware Virus

Google is constantly aware of the existence of malicious apps on the play store therefore, they take strict actions to overcome through...

How AI will affect Social Media in the Future?

Over the last decade, we have seen exponential advancement in social media applications and their uses. Now, future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI)...
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Cryptocurrency Exchange- Remember These Useful Tips

The cryptocurrency exchange has become very popular over the years. Since the release of the Cryptocurrency, it has been a buzz word...