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advantages of credit card

Nine Advantages of credit cards that you must know

A credit card is a form of a loan which helps you to borrow a certain amount of money from the bank....
new iPhone models

New iPhone models to be launched next month- Report

According to the history of Apple, they have always conducted an annual iPhone launch in September since September 2012. So, it is...

Webcam Malware: How To Detect and Remove It?

With the advancement of Internet technology, it's security has become one of the utmost importance agenda. The question is that "Are you really safe...
Vulnerability assessment

What is Vulnerability assessment – Steps of VAPT

Vulnerability assessment or say vulnerability testing, tests the software for checking the security risk in a network. Vulnerability is a type of...

What is Virtualization and Virtual Machine?

The word "Virtualization and Virtual Machine" can put you in deep imaginations but don't worry. This blog post will talk about virtual...