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deal with rejection

How to Deal with Rejection – A phase in life

We go through a lot of phases in our lives. Some are happy while some are bad or moderately good. But to...

Taking stress is harmful: To what extent?

Changing your thoughts and how you react to different situations can make you healthier. Do you believe that taking stress is harmful?...
iPhone11 specs

iPhone11 specs revealed Before Launch-Report

People are extremely curious and waiting for the launch of the new Apple iPhone11 series. But, as per the report, iPhone11 specs...

Hostinger Review: Worst Hosting in the world

If you are planning to buy hosting from Hostinger or from any other hosting providers, then you are at the right place....
Networking models

What is OSI and TCP-IP Model: All You Need to Know

OSI and TCP-IP models are the most commonly used networking models. OSI model was designed by ISO (International organization for standardization) for...