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A Tour of Hampi: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rock, rock and more rock is all about Hampi.  Hampi is a beautiful town of incredible ruins and stories to...

What are VLANs, What they actually do?

VLANs Overview Though VLANs is among us for a long time, still many of us don't know how they...
feeling empty

Feeling Empty from the inside–How to get rid of this?

Have you ever come across such thing like feeling empty? Have you ever felt like doing nothing at all for hours and...
Search Providers in the EU

Google To Hold an Auction For Search Providers in the EU

Soon after the consignment to offer the European Android users the ability to choose alternative search and browser apps, Google has come...
google fi

Google Fi Cloud is now: Pay for What you Use

Google is stepping legs into the market of unlimited offers of Telecom Service providers. Currently, Google has announced the launch of this...