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usability engineering

Usability Engineering in SDLC: A Blessing for Industries

The basic goal of this article is to improve the accuracy of gathering software requirements using usability engineering receptive to the user's...

Small Towns vs Big-City Dreams: Actual Reality

Living in a small town for one with a big dream and ambition is difficult. One craves to discovery and exploration of...
computer vision

Top Computer Vision Tutorial in 2019

This post will provide you the most relevant Computer Vision Tutorial in 2019 that is available for free to enroll and learn....

A Tour of Hampi: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rock, rock and more rock is all about Hampi.  Hampi is a beautiful town of incredible ruins and stories to...
5g tech

What is 5G Technology: Foundation of Next Generation

Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speeds and more functionality to our smartphones than the last one. 1G brought us...