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Do Any Cyber Security Courses Provide Real Value

Nowadays everyone is becoming the victim of cyber attacks. Not only the companies even a particular person is getting attacked by hackers...

Best Ways to Learn Any Programming Language Faster

Contemporary and distinct languages are born every day. Go, Dart, Delphi, Elixir, Erlang and many more!!!. Beating the learning curve is really...
face recognition

Feature Extraction using Deep Learning for Face Recognition

Face recognition is basically a biometric software application to analyze, identify or verify the digital image of the person. This is extremely...

Google’s Shoelace – A New Social Media Application

Google's Shoelace is an all-new social media platform designed for the future and to tie people together. Google is coming back with...
5g tech

What is 5G Technology: Foundation of Next Generation

Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speeds and more functionality to our smartphones than the last one. 1G brought us...