Living in a small town for one with a big dream and ambition is difficult. One craves to discovery and exploration of himself. Through the post, we want to share the difference in lifestyle of small towns vs big-city. Then, one wants to go somewhere where his dreams get an appropriate platform and also no one knows him.

What if you want to grow bigger? The reality of small towns vs big-city

With the thought “There has to be more to this life?” people from small-town lead their ways towards the big city to fulfill their dreams. Being there makes them feel their big city dream come true and they will feel like they have succeeded in achieving their dreams and goals without wondering that it just started off their journey. One has to understand that just being at the place of your dreams doesn’t help. But the work for that does assist.

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No doubt the change is scary, but being stuck somewhere is even scarier. One should always surmise to grow and to love the place where he is – but he doesn’t. It is not the complete fault of the person but the environment he is living in. In other words, the environment and surrounding may be completely different from where he is coming. One manages to explain to himself that you only have this single life. You need to just explore, grow and become more and let yourself finally love this beautiful life.

Effect of city life on an individual

In starting, one love hustle and bustle, the lights and action of cities. Later, it is the rat race among people to succeed. People start losing their identity in that chaos of the city. Then, one realizes that big cities aren’t for him. Still one tries to change himself to become the person he promised himself that he will never be.

Small Towns vs Big-City
Big City Reality

Towards the way they are heading, they create some relations, lose some of them and at last left with some remarkable, relishing and harsh memories. The imprint of some people, relation with them and almost circumstances are so drugged that create a lifetime space in their own self. One will start to abominate the place where he was. In addition, One will also abominate that move. One will begin to feel like he is stranger but in some aspects actually, he was. But anyhow the person manages to feel strong and decide to cherish those moments for a lifetime and wish to live them again with the same people in the future.

One has to only understand that he doesn’t have to chase someone else’s dream and also don’t have to live the life according to others expectation. This is his own life. But nothing comes handed out. And sure, that doesn’t mean a perfect road, but you would be getting to where you want to be.


This summaries that being lost is fine but gathering ourselves back at the proper time is really important. Anyhow last day we moved to a big city to transform our dreams into reality and that it’s for small towns vs big-city friends, the reality.

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