Eating healthy, exercising at home is a different thing but when we talk about traveling, then we forget about our health. We have an entirely different narrative. We love to go on a vacation but we don’t have any travel tips on health? Traveling helps to maintain health and well being but, in the excitement of exploring new places we forget one important thing that is ourselves and our health. Through this post, I want to share the best travel tips that will keep you healthy while you travel.

If you guys travel more then don’t ignore your health and body requirements. Fortunately, thanks to these best travel tips that will tell us how to be healthy.

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These are the 6 Best Travel Tips which will enhance your Traveling Experience

Doesn’t matter whether you are wandering to different cities, parks or hiking to the hills. These 6 travel tips will help you even if you are not traveling. So, let’s start it!

1. Hydrate your body before Traveling

Travel tips hydrate body
Do Drink enough Water

This tip is the most important travel tip before you commence your journey. Even if you’re not traveling, this should not be ignored. Carry an eco-friendly water bottle (Do not use plastic water bottle) with you all the time. Drink enough water so that you feel energetic all the time. Trust me, your body will thank you for this. 

When I went on trekking, I carried my water bottle with me and this was the best thing I did on that day. You can drink any energy drink or even cold drinks to keep your body hydrated but, better avoid them and drink water only.

2. Having Breakfast is a must before your Journey

eating tips
Eating is a must before a long travel

Another best advisable travel tip is to have a proper meal before your journey. Don’t go out without having breakfast, JUST DON’T. If you don’t want to go out for breakfast because you are already having lunch and dinner outside, then cook your own breakfast. But don’t go out without having breakfast. Bring a ready-made packet of oatmeal and just add hot water in it. Oatmeal will take only 5 minutes to prepare.

You can also buy fruits from nearby shops or local grocery. Whatever you do but don’t skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of your day. It gives you the required energy and boosts your traveling experience.

3. Have a decent Night Sleep before you Travel

travel tips sleep
Sleep Well before a hectic and long trip

When you have lots of things to do but you have very little time to do all of them, then priorities the sleep out of all the things. Good sleep will reduce your stress, keep your heart healthy and after sleep when you wake up, you will feel extremely refreshed and more energetic. This will help you to enjoy your trip also. Just think once, when you are not having good sleep then you will not feel refreshed and if you do not feel so, then it’s impossible to enjoy every single moment of your trip. A night of good sleep will definitely improve your focus the next day. 

4. Stretch Everyday

Stretching opens your body

Have a full day ahead? Don’t worry guys, this travel tip will help you get relaxed anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t take anything from you. In fact, it will help get the blood flowing, boost your mood, and also make you feel relaxed, all you need is just a few minutes. Take out a small amount of your time and do ‘Stretching’ from Head to Toe in the morning and evening. You can also stretch your shoulder, your neck while waiting for the food, transporting or while you are walking. 

From the travel tips above, this is one of the most necessary ones. This will prepare you for a hectic trip ahead. No need to find a place or the suitable timing just dedicate 5-6 minutes and get relaxed.

5. Protect your Skin while you Travel

skin cream
Apply suncream to protect from UV-Rays

Are you guys also conscious about your Skin? If yes, then do apply Sunscreen cream on your body while going out. Keep the Sunscreen with you and reapply it every after every two hours if you can. Applying sunscreen will overall help you and it will take care of your skin by protecting from the harmful sun rays which can cause skin cancer.

If you guys ever heard about Skin function, then you must be knowing that skin is the organ of protection. Skin provides protection from temperature change, mechanical impacts, radiation, and chemicals. So it is very important to protect your skin. If you are visiting an area with a large population of insects and mosquitoes, don’t forget to wear insect repellent.

Bonus point: You can also wear sunglasses and hat too!

6. Use Paper Soaps, Wet naps, and Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

This tip is very helpful because water and soaps aren’t available everywhere. You have been walking all day and coming into contact with people, things, doors, etc. The last thing you want to do is to eat with your dirty hands. But if you carry wet naps and hand sanitizer then you need not eat that way. Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by cleaning your hands, especially before and/or after a meal.


Now, guys, I need not to tell you what you are going to do because you already know next time when you’re traveling, practice these 6 travel tips for your wellness and health. Plus, you can’t put a price on health, and wellbeing. Enjoy your trip and stay healthy. Do comments down your suggestions and tips. We will be happy to include them on this list.

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