25 September 2019, the CTO of Alibaba, “Jeff Zhang” unveils us the all-new self-developed AI chip for Cloud Computing services. It is astounding to see that Artificial Intelligence chips will now drive the Cloud technology.

Self-Deployed AI Chip for Cloud Computing
Image Credit:https://www.reuters.com/article/us-alibaba-chip-idUSKBN1WA09R | Jeff Zhang is holding a new self-developed AI chip at the Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference in Yunqi of Hangzhou, Zhejian

The “Hanguang 800” Self-Developed AI Chip

The Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd have developed an all-new chip which will now be used to improve the Cloud services. They also said that the Machine-Learning used in these chips will aid in enhancing services for their cloud computing division.

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The name of this chip is “Hanguang 800”. This Self-Developed AI Chip power products search, translation, and personalized recommendations on their e-commerce platform.

“The launch of Hanguang 800 is an important step in our pursuit of next-generation technologies, boosting computing capabilities that will drive both our current and emerging businesses while improving energy-efficiency,” Alibaba CTO Jeff Zhang said in a statement.

However, the Alibaba Cloud group showed no interest in selling this to the global market. So, they have no immediate plans or intention to sell the chip as a commercial product.

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Other tech giants like Alphabet Inc and Facebook Inc are also developing such kind of custom chips. Their aim is to improve the performance of the tasks by some specialized AI at company-operated data centers. DAMO Academy has developed this AI chip (a research institute Alibaba launched in late 2017).

Alibaba has about 47% market share in China for cloud infrastructure services. This data is as per the market survey of the first quarter of 2019, by research firm Canalys.

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