Well, now it has been more than 3 weeks since I have put myself into quarantine or say lock-down. Well, it has been an amazing experience so far. I used to hate many things in normal life but now this quarantine has taught me a few good lessons as a takeaway. Now, I can hear the birds chirping and quietness of the place so well. So, I want to share with you my experience. This post will tell you five things that you might appreciate more after this lockdown ends.

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my Indian friends to ask how he was coping in the lock-down. I said how much I was enjoying the chance to avoid the daily hectic routine, spending more time cooking, photo editing and learning cool user-interface design and catch-up on all the introverted activities I hadn’t been able to make time for since long.


However, his reply was a bit different as he told me what difficulties he and his family have to face during this pandemic. Then I realized how the lockdown could well be forcing us all to go through a form of grief.

The grief cycle is explaied by Kubler-Ross. It starts with denial, moves to anger (including anxiety), then into depression before reaching the bargaining stage and ending up in the state of acceptance.

There are no timescales in Kubler-Ross’s Grief Cycle and we all process grief at different rates. Once we’re out of the worst of this pandemic, we may have a lot to grieve for; loss of jobs, loss of contacts, for some a loss of loved ones as well. Being optimistic maybe after a few weeks we will get through this lock-down. But it will take time to get things back on track. And we won’t all be at the same stages at the same time. Some of us may need a lot of help to finally arrive at a place of acceptance.

For those who do get there,

Here are five things we may just look upon in a different way after the LockDown:

1. Importance of Work

We all were frustrated and bored following the same routine, I guess now we have got the break that we much craved for. I was doing my full-time masters and alongside I used to work 20 hours parttime per week. Trust me, at the end of the week, I was so much exhausted that, I didn’t eat and kept on sleeping all day. Since losing my job, and college being shut down, I now feel too relaxed but got lazy as well. I work on my skills and hobbies.

lockdown working
Happy working

The trade-off from this time is that I take on most of the tasks of cleaning, washing, and grocery shopping. Now, I also get time to watch tv-series and to flex my writing muscles. While this arrangement somewhat works, I will say I do feel lonely sometimes. I enjoy being behind the scenes, getting my home in order and keeping things running along. I love getting to stay fit and healthy while following my writing and photo-editing passions. But in just a few weeks of lockdown, I can already see how my mood has improved since I get to spend more time doing my work rather than wasting my time here and there, and with wrong people.

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At the end of all this lock-down, I hope we will see how we have all been living at the extreme end of life. Our daily lives have been completely out of balance. Maybe we can hope to change the mantra of ‘live to work’ and start to live out our true lives again.

2. The Interconnectedness of Life in the LockDown

Leaving Sweden, most of the developed countries are currently under lock-down. Look up to the sky and you’ll see very few — if any — passenger flights.

The world is proving that if something goes wrong all class of society suffers regardless of their bank balance. Every person in the world will suffer and hope for good at the same time. We will all see how our individual actions have the capacity to harm others, how a few angry words said in haste could risk another’s mental wellbeing, and how we need to co-exist better as a human race within the borderline of the system of our planet. So, we must learn to control our emotions and words.

3. Time Spent With People We Love

This lock-down will definitely prove how much and how many people are really interested in talking to you. For some its harsh truth but yes it will and you have to accept the reality. Obviously I am staying alone in my apartment however, locking down has forced many of us to either spend more time with those we love or isolate ourselves from them completely. Two sides of the same coins right!

Whether you’re close to your loved ones or not, losing the freedom to choose when you can spend time with family and friends may well just force us to better appreciate and value the people who really love us.

4. Independent Life

I guess that in my whole lifetime, I will not go through a global emergency of this magnitude which has threatened the physical wellbeing of so much of the world’s population. However, it has taught us that living alone and independently is not so bad. One can do what he or she wishes to do and is solely responsible for his or her happiness.

This independent life is teaching us to focus on our health, goals and real needs. When we come to accept our need to prioritize our health, work, and mental peace, we may also see how our physical and mental health plays off each other; without good sleep we become lethargic, stressed, have a lower mood. The independence to value yourself is surely something we all will appreciate. We will definitely learn to squash any expectations of having to ‘man-up’, ‘toughen up’ or ‘get on with it’ in the lock-down.

5. Materialistic life has Least Importance

Well, people who shows off, give more value to money, property, and materials for justifying their social-status symbols, this pandemic has slapped them too hard. All that is important in life are the people we love, our health, and simplicity.

As per the World Economic Forum, “anxiety” was the leading global mental health concern in 2019. Within a few weeks of 2020, fears for our physical safety and economic stability have sky-rocketed our anxieties to levels we probably haven’t seen since wartime. This need to better manage our fears, worries, doubts, and concerns will become our highest priority under lockdown not the materialistic things.

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