Most of us assume that once the expiry date of vitamin has reached, they are of no use but is it so? Should I consume expired vitamins supplements is the most common question? But, the fact is different than what you perceive. Generally, the expiration date of supplements is based on its puissance, not safety.

Traditionally, Vitamins never expires. It’s just that their potency will not be that much as it was before. In other words, they are still good and safe for ingesting. It’s just that over the time they have become less beneficial. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not providing supplements expiration date at the time of packaging. But many companies themselves put “best before date” or “use by date” on the cap or the back label.

Vitamins supplements

Taking expired vitamins or supplement is highly unlikely to cause you harm. Unlike food, supplements never go bad nor do they become poisonous from. The majority of ingredients in dietary products gets decompose with time, which makes them less efficient. Regular refrigeration won’t affect vitamins degradation.

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About Vitamins

Vitamins are the formation of chemically diverse compounds that vary according to their solidity and vulnerability of destruction. The firmness of every vitamin in multivitamin premix may vary due to different factors. Similarly, many research highlights that the development of supplement should depend on proper bio-availability, uniform mixing, precise handling, and low hygroscopicity.

What does date mean in the Expired Vitamins?

Doctors often come around the question that should we consume the product like Gym supplements, health supplements, vitamins, medicines after their expiry date? Especially the expired vitamins supplements.

You will think!! NO!! I should not use it, it is expired. But don’t think it, well that’s not true. Research says that they do not harm the body. The expiration date doesn’t mean it is expired. It just indication of how accurate it is to use from its production in that specified duration. Therefore, it is not 100% the same product but it is still usable. However, it is believed that it is 80% effective in next year from the expired date and incoming year effectiveness percentage will get more reduced, but it is still usable.

Moreover, the pills or powder may not give the same benefits but also there is no risk to your health.

What are the factors responsible for Expired Vitamins?

There may be several factors for vitamin expiration including their manufacturing and also users habit. For instance, the below list highlights the same:

  • Therefore, pills, powder, capsules and soft-gels form of vitamins stay longer than liquid, a chewable and gummy form of vitamins.
  • Due to sunlight radiation, vitamins can sustain for less. So, one should prefer putting vitamins in an opaque container rather than a transparent container. As a result, it will be less exposed to UV rays. Therefore, vitamins or supplements expiration depends on container type also.
  • Likewise, storage location effects vitamin expiration. Avoid placing supplements in high humidity and sunny places like in the bathroom’s medicine cupboard, kitchen drawers or near windows, etc. Cold and dark places are good for these products.
  • Try keeping vitamins bottles away from contaminated and bacterial areas.

The vitamins’ stability affects due to

  • Temperature
  • Water
  • pH
  • Energy
  • Oxygen
  • Light
  • Interactions
  • Catalysts
  • Inhibitors
  • Time

How does supplement type affect its expiration of Vitamins?

Consequently, through researchers, it is found that the life span of supplements i.e. vitamins expiration also depends on the type of vitamin. Like, vitamin C loses its quality as it gets exposed to moisture. Moreover, it is found to absorb all humidity from the atmosphere. This leads to a quick break of the product. Also, ‘Thiamine’ i.e. unstable vitamin B is also effected by deliquescent. If vitamin K mixed with other multivitamin minerals, they are likely to degrade more quickly.

In conclusion, I guess this article will be beneficial for fitness freak and enthusiasts. If this article was useful then do comment in the box below by sharing your ideas.

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