Apple products specially iPhones are known for their extraordinary security. But, recently, Google hackers have found some iPhone security flaws. The day when Apple Inc. announced the date for the latest iPhone event, the team from Google’s privacy discovered a two-year-long vulnerability in the iPhone maker’s software.

What kind of Bug is affecting iPhone Security?

The team found that the phone has a bug targeted for a small number of websites. If you visit those pages then your iPhone will be susceptible to the breach. This flaw is probably affecting thousands of users per week, wrote Google Zero.

If the users visit these unnamed websites, hackers can have access to a myriad of vital information. For, instance the ability to track movements via your iPhone’s GPS, obtaining passwords, some sensitive conversations through iMessage or WhatsApp.

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What Google Report Says?

This iPhone security flaw report from Google came at the same time when Apple was announcing the date for its next iPhones and other products. A top security engineer from Apple said that the company may begin distributing special iPhones. This is to help researchers to discover flaws before malicious hackers do.

But, the hacker team at Google gave a report for an issue to Apple Inc. on February 1st. Less than a week later, Apple updated its operating systems and did not return a request for the issue.

iPhone security flaw
Representational image of Flaw

A team made up of cyber sleuths in Google’s Project Zero is among the best unit in the world for finding vulnerabilities. Ian Beer, who is a Project Zero researcher wrote in his blog post that users can only safeguard themselves if they are conscious of these flaws. Moreover, users upload ever action on the servers which can be the cause for their own compromisation.

The attackers at Google team found fourteen different software flaws, in which seven targeted Safari, the Apple built-in web browser for their devices. The cybercriminals could access various features on the phone. The matter of fact is that the user will be totally unaware of this. Thus, hackers can quietly install malware onto the device without the owner knowing.

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