Being in maxi dress has become a fashion now. How often did this happen to you that you regretted buying a dress from Karol Bagh or Sarojani? Well with me it happened a lot many times. These flee markets in Karol Bagh, Sarojani, Lajpat Nagar are tempting. Prices never stop us from grabbing one and regretting later. But have you ever wondered what you can still turn that useless dress into something very stylish and unique? With mixing and matching you can always make the cloth look best that too in very less price.

Yes!! That’s possible. Here I would like to share my experience with a “Maxi Dress” I bought from Karol Bagh. Although this maxi dress looked pretty in the night under street lights, the moment I got home and tried it, it ditched me. The color and quality were not the same. I ended up wasting my 250 rupees on nothing!!. I did a lot of experiments over it and my makeup and accessories to give it a near-perfect look.

How Did This Maxi Dress look?

I found it hanging on one of the stalls with other such Maxi dresses and the best part was the floral print over white colour which caught my eyes. Above that, the shining cloth spoke a lot about quality. So I, without giving it another thought just grabbed it with not much bargaining.

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How it actually was?

I impatiently ran home to try it out and it miserably disappointed me. What I saw was not pure white but off white colour of the dress. The quality of cloth was so bad that a slight stretch can tear it apart, well what more could I expect under 250. Leaving beside the quality the print was not so good. So overall the dress was just satisfactory.

What did I do with it?

dress style
Image Credit: Iha (Images are subject to copyright issues)

To make it look a little classy or at least what I expected out of it. I did a lot of experiments over it, Firstly I tied a belt around my waist after putting on my maxi to give it a slightly bulky look. Then I searched for accessories to suit the dress and matched it with my gown. Further, I went on giving it an Indian look with a western touch. And believe me that with just a pair of metal earrings the whole outfit looked simply amazing.

How I carried This Maxi Dress?

carried This Maxi Dress
Image Credit: Iha (Images are subject to copyright issues)

I wore my white printed gown, put on my earrings added bindi to give it a classy Indian touch. Made a low bun tried out little style over my simple bun and somehow ended up creating a masterpiece 😅. Then moving on to make-up I simply put on a slight dark shaded maroon lipstick and eyeliner to look fuller and all ready for a photoshoot, (well that’s something without which a new dress is incomplete).

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How to flaunt it?

How to flaunt it with maxi dress
Image Credit: Iha (Images are subject to copyright issues)

The last and most important thing you do once you wear a new dress or cloth is flaunting it. But what’s a dress without a perfect location to show it off. Yes, a printed gown looks best in a natural surrounding around greenery so I went out to choose a perfect location to flaunt my newly bought nicely styled dress. Finally, I uploaded my pictures. And guess what I received a lot of text messages on the shop I bought my dress from and its price. So I would say I ended up fooling people with these little hacks.

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