Aligning your day based on your thoughts might be challenging, have you ever thought on this? How to measure your day, time. What kind of day to day grind you should indulge yourself into? How productive you are? These thoughts can push you into the imaginations of a dark hole. Success can only be achieved on the quality of the time spend for the work. If you don’t achieve your goals, then you fall your shoulders and conclude that you failed that day .

Nancy Popular Methods To Measure Your Day

A popular blog written by Nancy Daley highlights on this perspective where she explains and suggests some tips on how to measure your day. In other words, effectiveness for that day. Nancy writes in her blog post:

Most of us will measure our day by what we did. We will reflect back and count the things on the to-do list we were able to check off. The more check marks, the better.

She tells us that, one can’t be active all the time. Some days we might be more productive, proactive and dedicated for the work. But on other day things don’t work as per our plans. We might achieve very little or nothing in terms of actual facts we thought of. Deep thinking, reflections, realizations assist us in gaining success she says. The more task one does, the more progress he gets in the life that’s what the golden rule is. Your to-do lists will guide and push you to complete a certain task on time.

How to Measure your day to day task?

todo list for measure your day
To-do list

Our life is all about learning lessons. Moreover, it is also about what and who we become. In other words, what morality we have learned over the years. Also, how we have grown as a human being. All these are the factors that also determine a person’s behavior. The goal goes well and truly beyond physical tasks for them who have accumulated valuable habits over the years.  

For instance, a lazy person will always have a tendency for procrastination. Likewise, a negative person will try to find out defaults in every object. In comparison to this, a person with a positive attitude will be passionate for the work he has taken for himself. Robots and machines are programmed to do tasks and complete checklists on time. But we as a human can not be programmed also we possess far more potential than these non-living objects. 

Success’s role in Measuring your day

Success should not be misunderstood i.e if we hit all the tasks completed on a certain day to-do checklist. We hit inbox zero on our email this does not mean we are successful. Being successful demands sacrifice, time and dedication.  

Furthermore, suppose we earned heaps of money for ourself. Does that matter in the context of our happiness if so well and good enough if not then will we remember it?  Maybe I or you wrote four articles today and posted them up on any site. Then the million-dollar question is, does publishing articles make us feel successful? Well, it may be for someone and maybe not for the others. 

An Example

If I consider myself as an example, then, completing tasks such as writing and publishing blogs leaves me feeling satisfied at the end of the day. But, it also creates a plethora of dilemma in my mind. If all I did was stick to my schedule as per my calendar and complete tasks to be very honest well, that’s not success to me. In other words, I do not think that I had a successful day unless and until at the end of everything I achieve what I have thought for. 

In the blog post written by Nancy Daley, she says that measuring the day in a conventional way makes her feel empty inside.


She further elaborates and writes, she had lived the life for so long. First, it was other peoples to-do lists and then it was her own to-do list. But, the second to-do list that she made, was for putting her life in a zone of a hustler, digital nomad, and entrepreneurial which she thought off. As it is said that you will always end up in getting for what you are made for. When she finally got a taste of her life, she realized that she had to find another way to measure her day. 

So she explained how she measured her day? She told that she had two questions for measuring her day they are:

1. Did I learn one new thing today?


This is perhaps a question that each one of us should ask with ourself. Elon Musk, one of the brilliant mind of the 21st century says that everyone must devote at least 5 hours a week to learn any random thing. However, learning is a tiresome job for most of us. It is challenging, boring, and lack recreational activities because it pushes us to acquire a new skill or a piece of knowledge that we didn’t have before.

When we try to grasp or learn any new thing, our minds generate, new neural level architecture for that inside our brain. It is observed that most of the people avoid learning every day and prefer entertainment or other forms of distractions. 

The reason now I measure my day based on whether I learned something new is that I don’t want my days on Earth to be easy. There’s no sense of fulfillment when something is easier. You don’t feel like you owned your day when it was easy says, Nancy.

Moreover, she wrote that learning pushed her in the directions she had never thought off. She was able to explore and build muscles in her mind that helped her when life deals mean unlucky card. 

She says, A to-do list is based on completing tasks, whereas learning is about developing skills that help you uncover opportunities that you would never have seen otherwise.

2. Did I help or inspire one person?

Inspire for measure your day

Nancy says in her post that, to complete tasks that serve our own selfish goals is categorized in Level whereas thriving for helping and inspiring other people is a level 10 approach to live life. Therefore, She says that we are not here to fulfill our requirements but to step up and help others too so, it is our primary duty to aid others.


Taking everything into consideration, you must be mindful and deterministic for your work. It is not only about measuring your day and how successful you become at the end of it but also, how much impact you are able to create through the task you do? So, its all about the impact which is measured far beyond the days you have on Earth✌. 

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