Everybody wants to live a healthy and happy life. However, modern lifestyle does not allow us to do so. With a dam busy schedule all week, we often take our health for granted. We eat a lot of processed food which eventually leads us to accumulate fat, especially belly fat. Most of us want to get rid of that ugly looking belly fat but how? Today, we will talk about how to lose belly fat naturally so, keep reading till the end.

lose belly fat
How I lose Belly Fat? Leave, Let’s eat

Why People Gain Belly Fat?

There are a plethora of reasons why people gain weight and belly fat. For instance, poor diet, lack of exercise, and obviously the stress to finish up the work on time. But, this could be improved with little hacks and healthy lifestyle. Like by improving nutrition, indulging into activity, and being self-aware, etc. Belly fat is a serious concern and should not be neglected.

A study and research conducted by the Journal of the American Heart Association showed that women with extra belly fat were more likely to get the heart attack than normal. This study included about 500,000 people 55% of them were women of the United Kingdom. During the observation period, researchers concluded that women with belly fat have about 20% more risk than the average one. So, we must understand the importance of losing belly fat as quickly as possible.

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Concerns You Must Know About

The first thing that we need to be concerned about with belly fat is that it can lead to some serious medical problem. Like Diabetes, heart disease, and sometimes even cancer. The fat around the mid-section is very volatile. So, it can create and contribute to some serious complexity and cascade challenges.

We don’t like to feel like that, but from an organ perspective, it doesn’t help them exist in a happy way. We really want to lose belly fat so that we can be healthier. Obviously we have to go to the gym so, we are going about exercise. But, sleep and diet play a big factor in reducing belly fat. Far more than people give it credit, the physical activity is the stress. Once you get the stress you need rest to facilitate the positive change that you’re looking for. It’s the patterns, the patterns that exist which allow us to look a certain way. So, let us see how to lose belly fay without stressing yourself.

Tips To Lose Belly Fat By Exercise

Firstly, reducing belly fat for men is a bit different than women. I don’t think it’s so different as it is from men to women. It is the individual and their structural integrity or lack thereof deciding the reduction. Because a lot of time we focus heavily on the core but it’s the hips and its mobility that can help you lose belly fat. The mobility of aspects of the spine to allow the trunk to do the work that it’s supposed to do. But, we have to serve it.

1. Plank Plays an Important Role

There are lots of exercises that we can do to help reduce belly fat among them is the plank.

plank to lose fat

Plank is all about progression because of its stability. Your forearms must have the strength to support your belly fat. When you feel tired of doing it, rotate the pelvis under, which will allow you to activate and involve the glutes a lot more. This is the best exercise for your core then you crunch down. This creates a nice, solid connection between the hip, key hip muscles or backside glutes, and then the front abdominal wall.

2. Pushing Band While You Plank

belly fat plank band exercise
Band Pushing

The second exercise is pushing out on the band while pushup or plank. When you do it, then, while the tension going out, extend your hips. Doing this squeeze the glutes and tighten up in the mid-section. Then you lower some and then you go back up with the extension.

As you continue to push out, to lose belly fat will be challenging. Generally, it’s a stressful exercise so, you will need some help from the glutes to create a proper, or better, structural integrity. So, you just curl up and support your head to reduce the involvement of your neck muscles. This dead bug is a plank in and of itself. Then add more work this way. It’s more difficult when you do both legs but the key is that you have to be able to keep your lower back on the bench.

3. Do Cardio/Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly Fat


Another way to lose belly fat is by doing impenetrable aerobic or say cardio exercises. Believe me, this is the best and most effective way to quickly lose belly fat. Cardio exercises are generally done in intervals sometimes referred to as “HIIT”(High-Intensity Interval Training). This immensely burns your calories.

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Various studies and research shows that doing cardio is one of the most effective exercises for reducing your belly fat naturally. However, results do not claim whether moderate-intensity or high-intensity exercise is more beneficial. Nevertheless, you must do it on a regular basis. In most case, the frequency and duration of the exercise are more important than its intensity. So, do it as much as you can.

Rapping up

According to me, these are the best exercises and tips that you must follow to lose your belly fat today. The biggest takeaway is really the lifestyle of living with good habits. A healthy diet, exercise, and stress management is the key to achieve it.

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