Whenever you see wifi you want to connect with that and enjoy the internet connectivity. This post will teach you to hack wifi in just a few minutes.

As we all know wifi uses WEP and WPA2 encryption which is hard to decrypt but not impossible. When a user connects to WPA2 connection then it does 4-way handshaking if we come to know those handshaking methods then, we can easily bypass the authentication and we will do all this with an airman-ng tool which is pre-installed in Kali Linux. 

Steps to Hack Wifi

STEP 1. iwconfig

This is the command for checking the active WLAN on your PC, it will show WLAN0 or WLAN1 by knowing that we will start tool on that WLAN.

STEP 2. airmon-ng start WLAN0

Airmon-ng is the tool which we use to crack a password and by this command, we are starting this tool on WLAN0 because in my computer WLAN0 is active and by this, we can run this tool in monitor mode. After this command, if you write iwconfig then it will show WLAN0mon this means WLAN0 is in now monitor mode.

STEP 3. airodump-ng  wlanomon

This command will show the available wifi near you and their BSSID Channel and all other information about the wifi.

hack wifi

STEP 4. airodump-ng –bssid (bssid of the wifi you want to hack) -c (channel of wifi) -w (name of wifi) wlan0mon

This command will show the station of the scanned network and all other information about the network. After this, you have to open a new terminal and write another command mentioned below.

STEP 5. aireplay-ng  –deauth (RXQ of the wifi) -a (bssid of wifi) -c (station of wifi) wlanomon

This command will be doing handshaking with the wifi and generate a handshake code on the top of the previous terminal.

STEP 6. aircrack-ng -w (any wordlist) (cap file)

Now in this command, you have to put the word list so you can download it from Net or you can make it by your own from crunch command, I will prefer downloading because if you make it then it will take so much time if you are making a big word list and the cap file is the file which generates automatically on the home directory so you have to just drag on drop it on the terminal by pressing enter, it will show you the key foundations of the wifi.


It might take a little longer time to decrypt if the password is longer, so keep a little patience as every conqueror needs it. For wordlist, you can use Skullsecurity’s password dictionaries. This way, you can hack wifi in just few minutes.

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