Water is one of the most essential things that our body requires. You can be alive without eating for days but without drinking water, you cannot survive even a week. But, most people drink water in the wrong way. Through this post, you will get to know the reasons why you are drinking water the wrong way and how to drink water properly. After reading this article, you will have a clear vision as to what, when and how to drink water.

Why Should You Drink Water Properly?

The human body consists of two-thirds of water. For proper functioning of the organs and to carry out every process our body demands water. So, it is important that we provide an adequate amount of water to our body. However, when water is consumed in the wrong way, it becomes the reason for a plethora of health issues. For instance, Migraine, joint pain, week digestion, skin problems, hair fall, heart, and kidney problems.

To exacerbate the situation, 99% of people drink water the wrong way. They are not aware of the facts about how to drink water properly. This way, people are unintentionally harming their body rather than getting the benefits from water. Without water, our body cannot use the nutrients that come from carbs, proteins, and fats. Moreover, water is so essential, we assume that it can be consumed anyway and whenever we want.

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Reasons you are drinking water the wrong way and the ways to drink Water properly

Here are the most promising 4 reasons that you are drinking water in the wrong way and how to fix that now.

1. Drinking water just before or after your meals

drinking water
Drinking water before or after the meals

It might be refreshing to drink water before and just after the meals. However, this is the worst thing you can do to your body. It is one of the most common mistakes that we all do which causes serious health problems such as indigestion, gas problems, acidity, etc.

The research says that when you have a meal, the body temperature rises so that it can digest the food properly. Our Stomach secretes acid and enzymes such as gastric juices which instantly gets diluted when you drink water. This hampers the ability of our Stomach to digest food and it rots within the system. Moreover, due to this, our body fails to absorb the vital nutrients that our food contains.

What should you do?

If you want to drink water, make sure that you drink it an hour before you eat or an hour after you eat. However, you can drink some water between your meals but it should not be in heavy amount.

2. Drinking water very quickly

Drink water properly
Drinking water too fast

Most of us gulp water too fast which is not good for our health. It does not help the body by any means. In the day to day hectic life, we generally don’t have enough time to drink water in a relaxed manner. Most of us drink water by water bottle in a hurry which eventually our body can’t absorb and flushes out the water in huge quantity.

Moreover, we all know that our stomach is acidic in nature and the Sliva present in our mouth is alkaline. The job of saliva is to balance the acidic nature of our stomach. But, when you drink water fast, the saliva does not mix with it and you end up harming your stomach. This causes acidity, bloating, gas problems making you feel uncomfortable.

What Should you do?

Drink water slowly, one sip at a time and use a glass instead of a bottle to drink water. This will help water to mix with your saliva and your stomach to maintain its acidity level.

3. Drinking While standing or running

drinking water properly by seating
Drink water after you seat somewhere

Another common mistake which we often see people doing is drinking water while they are standing or running which is not an appropriate way. You should avoid doing this immediately. Doing this forges a plethora of health issues. For, example, when we drink water while standing then our Kidneys, are not in the position to filter the water properly. Also, when we are in a standing position then our muscles are not in a relaxed state which makes hard for our blood vessels to digest the fluids we take in. Moreover, doing this also increase belly fat.

What should you do?

Ideally, sip water slowly in a seating position. This must be followed by the people who are trying hard to reduce their lower abdomen or belly fat.

4. Drinking Cold or Chilled Water

chilled water
Avoid Chilled water

Generally, in subtropical countries like India, Srilanka or other south Asian countries, people prefer to drink cold water. No doubt drinking chilled water might be very refreshing and satisfying but it is not good for you. Grabbing a bottle of chilled water and drinking it gives us a sense of extreme pleasure. But, research suggests that it is extremely harmful to the body.

Drinking cold can cause sore throat, and has several demerits. For, instance shrinking of blood vessels which eventually hampers our digestion process. Moreover, it also solidifies the fat and makes hard for our body to digest fats present in our food, thus you gain weight by accumulating fats. It is therefore suggested that while losing weight, drink normal or lukewarm water. In addition to these, drinking cold water also increases the joint pain, slows down your heart rate thus affecting your metabolism.

What should you do?

So, what should be done to drink water properly? Avoid drinking cold water whenever you can. Drink normal water which is in room temperature. It would be best if you drink lukewarm water but if you can’t do that then at least drink normal water only.

These were some tips for you to know how to drink water properly. If you are the one who is making these mistakes listed above then please change your habit and drink water in the right way.

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