We go through a lot of phases in our lives. Some are happy while some are bad or moderately good. But to talk about the worst stage that is Rejection and how to deal with it. It is very hard to imagine life and where happiness is just negligible. This post will teach you how to deal with rejection.

What Happens in Rejection?

Life seems like hell. Negativity surrounds us, compels us to think of the way which further complicates our lives. Be it rejection in a dream job, love, relationship, family, etc. It drags our confidence down to the level we’ve never imagined. Motivation seems to be disappearing from life. Moreover, things become much more difficult to tackle and even following the daily routine seems like a herculean task.

And I can guarantee that all of you(reading my blog) must have at some point in your life faced rejection. It becomes difficult for your friends to assess the state of mind you begin to develop, you appear like “good for nothing chap” even to your closest ones. Your BFFs try out everything to get you out of the situation. But the only result they get is you dwelling even more in that thing. My friend, you’ll have to realize that you’re on your own. If there’s one person that’ll help you to get out of it is You Yourself.

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How to deal with Rejection and Overcome Through It?

Facing rejection and recovering from it involves a few stages and you’ll have to go through each of them. I’ll help you out with the way you need to tackle each stage so to get you through this sooner.

1. First is the stage of *Denial* Here you’ll have this feeling that nothing has happened and you’ll continue to ignore it but not for long.

*What you should do*-Accept the fact that you’ve been rejected, and grieve over it. Cry it out. But Do Not Ignore it.

2. Then comes the stage of *anger *. You’ll find ways to take revenge or to make him/her realize the fact that how much his decision hurt you. you’ll try your ass off to find the reason for his rejection. The more you do so, the more you’ll find yourself going down and down in this situation.

*What you should do*-Don’t ever try to seek revenge or anything of such sort, as you’ll only end up ruining your good relationship with that person. Avoid talking to them. Stop being in touch for a while if you can.

3. *Bargaining* This is the worst stage I would say, where you’ll want them back. You’ll do almost anything to get them back, you’ll try to convince them that you’ve changed yourself the way they want. You’ll lose all of your self-respect just to have them in your life.

*What you should do*– Don’t go after begging them for their love because no matter what you do he/she is not going to reciprocate the feeling. Give them space give them time to think over it, if ever they wanted you they’ll for sure make an effort, and if they don’t just know it that they were never meant to. But you do not change yourself to suit the person.

Job Rejection

4. *Acceptance*. The stage where you’ll find peace of mind. You are not as attached to this person as you were before. You’ll accept the fact that you’ve been rejected. You’ll move on with it. Embracing whatever came your way, you’ll learn to forgive. You’ll now understand the emotions of others very well. Slowly you’ll recover but not being the same person you were before this setback but a different and much stronger one.

*What you should do*-Now that you’ve moved on, you’ll think of contacting that person again to probably share your feelings or to inform them that you’re through with all this to make them feel happy about you. But doing all this may make unwanted things to pop up again and Will destroys your peace of mind, so cut all the contacts until you forget their name 😅. And in case you come across this person, simply show a positive gesture and greet them with a smile and let all the anger go off.


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