Amazon Go is an all-new concept grocery store for the future. This allows you to walk in, grab what you need or maybe somethings you don’t and walk right out without any pesky human interaction. To be more clear, it isn’t just a glorified place for you to pick up things you’ve already ordered as we’ve seen with amazon’s locker system. The only pre-visit setup is to download the Amazon Go app on your phone and link it to your Amazone account. When you walk inside you’ll scan your phone against a turnstile and when you’re all done shopping you just walk out. Amazon has even put up signs everywhere saying this exact thing. Turing just out into a slogan to sell customers on its simplicity.

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But How Exactly Amazon Go keeps Track of What You Buy?

Well, some of the inventory control features are obvious like weight sensors under the products. Like what you see in an overpriced hotel minibar that can detect when a box of cashews has been lifted off of them. But unlike that system, Amazon would not charge you if you put it back. Maximum magic happens above you. When you look up in the rafters while standing in one of those centers, you’ll see an array of hundreds of cameras and sensors. These are not only keeping an eye on things and feeding information about customer moving around the store. The servers that use machine learning to determine exactly what you put inside a shopping bag or your backpack or whatever. Aside from saying that they don’t use the facial recognition process.

Amazon Go store
Amazon Go Store

There is some special pattern associated with some products to help the cameras pick them out. Amazon has been relatively tight-lipped about how this process works. This makes it a little bit magical or creepy depending upon your perspective. One thing we may say that it does appear whether profiling a customer’s body shape and size is a part of this special sauce or not.

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