Over the last decade, we have seen exponential advancement in social media applications and their uses. Now, future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) is deeply used for these platforms. They not only enhance the user experience but tell us which way people use social media applications in the day to day grind. Thus, in the future, we are likely to observe that AI will affect social media in a dramatic way.

The adoption of high-speed internet and social media has shot up over the last decade. Social media platforms are not only used to share people’s stories and news feeds but also, they have become primary advertising channels for brands across the globe. 

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Ways In Which AI will affect Social Media

1. AI-Enabled Chatbots will affect Social Media A lot

AI will affect Social Media

Various social networking platforms are in the testing phase and already experimenting with AI-enabled chatbots. For, instance, Facebook Messenger has developed an interactive chatbot to help business. These AI-enabled chatbots are powered by Natural Language Processing algorithms which make them super exciting. It feels as if they are the real person chatting with you.

Chatbots can make you and your bio super attractive. They may even offer a better suggestion with the help of AI. Thus, in the future, these AI-chatbots will forge new ways of communication. Also, with more advancements, we will come across better tools which will allow companies to integrate more payment options, products, and services, etc. 

2. AI in Advertising Insights

Another place where AI will affect Social Media is the market. With the help of AI, marketers may increase their reach and bring in more accuracy and transparency in achieving marketing strategies.

Marketing with AI

The AI that social networking sites use is designed to perceive the human mind better than us. If AI is used for advertising then, it will definitely help companies and advertisers to understand the behavior of social media users. Thus, they would be able to influence people more than ever before. 

Social networking platforms like Linkedin, Instagram and others are gathering the knowledge of how we use these applications. What we see, what we like or what we dislike. Basically, which site or app we use are actively monitored to know how much time do we spend online every day on these apps. They also analyze the data like what kind of content users are consuming, products or brands they are more likely to view.

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These insights and data help marketers to design and customize the ad campaigns. Thus, they can predict the user’s interests, decision-making, and purchase habits from the data. 

3. AI will Improve the User Experience on Social Media

Using AI in Social media platforms will improve their functions to generate more demand and users. For, instance, LinkedIn is working on AI technology to achieve this goal. They have acquired Bright an artificial intelligence company. Doing this will help LinkedIn to provide appropriate connections between employers and candidates.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram openly analyze user’s activities by capturing various information. Facebook uses a plethora of algorithms to track user engagement on posts so that they can show them the content of their choice on their news feed. Similarly, Twitter uses AI algorithms to find trending topics and rank them as per their popularity.

Summing Up

It is true that AI can’t replace human intelligence but, can significantly improve it. The AI technology has the power to study the interaction of millions of social media users and customize business solutions accordingly which is obviously impossible with manual perception.

This will also boom several AI jobs creating ample opportunities for skilled engineers. As per research, tech companies in India are struggling to fill 4000 AI jobs. So, there lies an opportunity for IT professionals to hone their skills in Artificial Intelligence.

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