If you are planning to buy hosting from Hostinger or from any other hosting providers, then you are at the right place. Today, I will tell you which hosting is good for you, price-wise as well as work-wise. Also, I will share my experience with Hostinger, and why you should not buy their plan? So keep reading to choose the best hosting for you.

Worst Customer service: Hostinger

Firstly, If you are thinking to buy a cheap hosting then you only have one option i.e. Hostinger for 60 cents per month. But, I can guarantee that if you take that hosting then you will end up wasting 15 to 16 euros per year. I know you will think that Hostinger will return your money as per their policy within 30 days, but doing this will be extremely hectic for you. You will get to know why in a short time so, keep reading?

Hostinger hosting review

First of all, Hostinger doesn’t have any customer care number rather, they have chat support. You can talk on chats but the problem is, on chat, there will be multiple people replying to your chats on different days and times. So you will not be able to be in contact with the same person.

When you explain your problem to the customer service on chat then you will talk with for example X person. He/she will tell you that your problem will be resolved within 24 hours. But, you will see that your problem still persists. Again, you will message to chat support and at that time another person will reply to your chats and you have to explain everything to him. Believe me, this process will keep on until you will be lucky to have a good support person.

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I am saying all this from my own experience.

Worst Payment Options: Hostinger

Hostinger has the worst payment methods available on their site. When you will go on the payment options of the Hostinger it is pathetic. This is because I paid my money from my bank using their gateway. They have a payment gateway of Razor Pay. When I paid, my money processed through that to Hostinger. But, after paying them, I did not get my hosting.

I contacted to Hostinger from the same irritating chat service. They told me that they hadn’t received my payment. Rather fixing the problem, they instructed me to contact Razor Pay team. Contacting them was so irritating because Razor pay is Hostinger’s payment gateway so, why should I contact them? Then also, I contacted to the payment gateway (Razor pay). They told me, they had received the payment. Moreover, they had forwarded it to Hostinger as well. But Hostinger was saying that they hadn’t received it.

Because of this issue, my Website was down for about 4 weeks seriously affecting all my viewers. Most of my traffic went down and I faced a huge loss. Hostinger was always saying that we will fix your issue in the next 24 hours. But after 24 hours, I have to face another person. So the solution seemed impossible.

Finally, after 10-12 days, a good person interacted me on their customer support chat. After watching all the bank proofs and screenshots of the payments, he made a conclusion and agreed to start my hosting temporarily.

I was so happy that finally, I got the hosting and can start working again. However, things got even more complicated after some time. Spending 3 to 6 days setting up all the things, I faced a new problem which I will describe below.

Hostinger Fools About Ram: Worst RAM(250MB)

When my website was up, I and my team were so happy. But, on the first day, the server went down. All the time, it was showing server error which was extremely annoying. My website went down again with just 4-5 viewers visiting my website at the same time.

Then my team contacted that irritating chat service again. After a long frustrating chat, they told us, sir, you have a plan which has 250MB RAM which has a capacity to handle only 5 viewers at a time. Bullshit!, I was fooled by their advertisement.

I was so disappointed with this because when I had purchased the plan, there did not mention how much ram they are providing? If I go in more details then while buying, it showed me 2X ram which was to mislead customers and confuse them. So, immediately I said them to refund my money. But they said we hadn’t received your money yet. The liars! After that, I realized that it is silly to wait for 16-17 euros. So, I changed my hosting immediately. However, I got my money back in a couple of weeks.

Overall, from hosting to support and the response, Hostinger was not worth at any stage.

Which Hosting you Should go for?

After facing so much problem, I researched everywhere a lot and came to the conclusion that I can’t take good hosting at a very cheap price. So, I decided to pay for a good hosting because I and my team were serious for our website.

After hectic research, I found a good hosting service and end up taking hosting on Siteground. This is a very good hosting and I bought this for around 65 euros per year. After buying this, I hadn’t faced any issues. It can handle 25k users at a time. So, I will suggest you go for Siteground. Though it is a bit expensive for newie, you will not face any problem in this.


I have only talked about the cheapest hosting of Hostinger which I had used. Commenting on another plan will be unfair as I have not used them. I had bought the cheapest one because Hostinger is known for the cheapest hosting. But, it is worthless.

Thanks for reading. Hope you will be benefited from this article and know which hosting you should go for? Stay connected for a lot more informative articles.


  1. have to say I am having on going issues with hostinger. Latest problem is with my email, have not been able to log in and then its fixed for a day only to return to same problem next day. As a business this is disaster! Form day 1 its been issue after issue, really looking to jump ship even tho I’m tied in for another 3years, (yes I got fooled too) 🙁

    • They have a money back policy i don’t remember of how many days, I think its 30 days check with them and ask them for refund.

  2. Hey, I also use the Hostinger for my 5 Websites, I have purchased their Premium Shared Hosting plan, but because of their foolish limits I have to upgrade to the business shared hosting plan, Also, you don’t mention anywhere that their servers also get down many times, I have receiving the 503 errors most of the time. I contacted them and they told your memory is full even though my websites are small. I have to say you are the only one that did this review, I appreciate it.

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