Happiness is something that one has to practice daily. In other words, it’s all about daily starting all over again. Happiness depends on your single action like the decisions you take, an activity you or stays be someone whom you love. Accordingly, you get to see that happiness sticks to you or move away from you. In simple words, happiness only depends on your actions in the present. Consequently, happiness is all about commitment to self. Therefore, happiness is a habit. Come, let’s see how?

Some Approaches to Happiness are as Follows:

1. Never compare your life with other people’s life  

It is a toxic behavior which when enters one’s life, spoils their happiness. At no perch, one should compare himself from others as it makes a person lose himself every moment. Has anybody felt well after comparing himself from others?

secret of Happiness
Never Compare

I don’t think so!! It will leave a person with a bad feeling. Therefore, it is better that one should compare himself from his own previous version. Actually, happy people compete with themselves every day to convert into a better version of their own. Similarly, they have a strong commitment to a healthy mental setup.

2. Always try to maintain an active friendship for Happiness

Happy people only maintain a quality friendship. They let the superficial people termed as friends to go side from their life. It’s not that the happy people are surrounded by their friend’s every time, but it’s like those friends will always show at a tough and challenging time.

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Basically, they are the friends of depth who always figure out what is going inside you. Active friendship is always healthy and you can engage in talking with them for a long time but never get bored. They are motivated towards happy side of life and always direct with great ideas to cross sad side of life. They will make sure that you follow their suggested path even though that is harsh for you.

The moral is happy people keep only well-wisher around them and slide the extra acquaintances out.

3. Learn to cope up through unexpected events

Life is all about unexpected events i.e. loss in a relationship, health, work pressure, friendship. Many times life offers you the battle of one with oneself and it is the hardest battle that one can fight with. Anyways, the important thing is what you learn and how easily you come out of it?

One has to learn to subsist through that phase of life because the only constant thing in life is change. In addition, one has to develop the mechanism of resisting through these tough situations.

cope up for happiness
Cope up in a harsh situation

Happy people have already programmed their body with the weapons to fight against the battle of self in unexpected circumstances. They are completely developed to rely on themselves and hit hard to their tough time. Till now, they have figured out that on what to do to feel good in such a situation. Moreover, they engage themselves inactivity which make them feel better. Also, they don’t sit back and count negative thoughts.

4. Forgiveness should be the prime thing

If someone wants to stay happy, then they should always follow “Release with blessings”. When somebody hurts you? Then thanks them for their presence in your life till now and also for the life lesson they gave you by this experience. Anyways, first, forgive them because in that situation they have lost their brain and can’t see anything beyond their anger.

Happy People will understand the situation of a person hurting them. They will consider the situation why a person is doing that. Nevertheless, they will understand that a person must be struggling with something and also understand that this has nothing to do with them.

As a result, happy people accept the behavior of the person and forgive them without reacting on the situation letting the person keep moving in his way.

5. Focus actively on pursuing your goals for Happiness

According to the rule of life, one has to pay back to attain anything. Many people start towards the road of their goal but roll back to the start point ending up with the same behavior. Life never amounts anything without efforts.

The goal is the ultimate path

One should be consistent with their efforts until they rich the end line of their goal. Otherwise, they will last with despondence. Happy people always keep on increasing their standard level and behavior. They just not only focus on setting up the goal rather than persistently running like a horse on that road of goal. They know about the feeling of happiness attained through maintaining the focus towards the goal.

6. Believe in the pattern of an active lifestyle

Good physical health always results in good mental health. Happy people clearly understand the importance of healthy physique for a healthy and sound mind. They know about how endorphin enzyme can result in their happiness through exercise and sound lifestyle.

According to happy people, life challenges can be overcome through exercise, meditation, yoga because the exertion releases stress from our body. Therefore, exercise provides solace while life is a struggle.

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7. Analyze yourself

Since the beginning, it is seen that a human’s successful existence depends on looking inside oneself. Happy people give time to themselves. They spend time in introspection and speculation analyzing their flaws and then finding ways to improve them. However, they involve them in activities which help them to escape from the world for themselves. They know that happiness can be found in through inner self.

8. Choose a sustainable path in life

Happiness depends on one’s action, right? One knows about how to get happiness. Just they need to bring all those in their habit and then things will be fine. Happy people pursue happiness as a habit by taking hold of their decisions and choices.

One should try all the above steps to attain a happy life. All is just they need to change the way of looking at things. Then they will realize the things were perfect from always. The change may not come any sudden. One has to take baby steps to attain the purest level of happiness.


In conclusion, never forget to make Happiness a habit. If this article was beneficial for you, do comment by letting me know your experience.

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