Google’s Shoelace is an all-new social media platform designed for the future and to tie people together. Google is coming back with an application named as “Shoelace”. However, this come back will be after multiple failures in the social network field.

All over world connections will be facilitated by this application. The application is a product of Google’s Workshop- Area 120 unit. The launch will happen on a small scale. The Shoelace application is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Google’s Background in social media

Previously, Google’s social media network applications like Google friend connect Schemer, Google Buzz, Google+, etc. Recently, after the failure of Google+ and it’s shut down in April, Google didn’t stop the steps in the field of the social network and Google’s Shoelace will bring new hopes. The tagline of this new application is to “tie people together”.

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What Google’s Shoelace Aims For?

Shoelace is aimed according to events, programs and activities being organized around or nearby to user’s city. It also highlights the common interests of this application users and also allows them to share these interests with each other. Basically, it provides a platform to people where user can search other users of common engrossments and scrutinizes.

Google’s Shoelace will supercharge the user’s social life. There is a feature named “Loops”. The feature will allow the user to organize events for other users. Hence, will also allow them to participate in activities being organized by someone else.

What Benefits You Will Get in Google’s Shoelace?

Shoelace application
Image Credit: Google INC.

The application will turn out to be more beneficial for people who have recently migrated to some other cities. It will help them to explore and understand that city. Furthermore, this application hooks like-minded people together. In present, Shoelace application is being tested in New York in an invite-only mode. Till yet, there is no strong news about Shoelace going public. Therefore, it will be depending on the performance of the application.

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Every time Google keeps on experimenting with new application products and new services. Let’s see how Google’s Shoelace application will allure people. Maybe this time google will succeed in the field of social media. If you are also excited to use this new product by Google comment about it below and also share with your friends with whom you want to expand the social network.


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