Soon after the consignment to offer the European Android users the ability to choose alternative search and browser apps, Google has come up with the decision to hold an auction for search providers in the EU.

The reason for this auction is to select the eligible search providers across the continent. What is even more exciting to see that we already have some promising bidders standing in the queue. The three highest bidders will appear alongside Google during the setup process for all Android smartphones and tablets starting at the beginning of 2020.

The selection of the search engine will be the users choice. Once the user selects a particular search engine, it will automatically become their default option throughout the phone’s interface. Not only this, but it will also become the default in Google’s Chrome browser. However, users will be able to switch between the myriad of search engine at any time after this initial setup.

This approach by Google is a direct answer to the €4.3 billion antitrust fine which Google received from the “EU Commission” about a year ago. Google got an accuse of pushing its search and Chrome apps as defaults on all the Android devices. Considering this, Google came up with a solution in April where they thought to remind its users that they can switch between default search and browser apps in Google Play.

Search Providers in the EU
Default Search: Google Android

What Google Has To say on the Auction For Search Providers in the EU

According to Google, the decision for an auction is the best process. It is a fair and practical method to dispose of which search providers are included in the choice. In a company blog post, the auction process is well detailed. It will be open to search providers across all countries in the EU.

Google anticipates that by participating in this auction, search engine firms will have to submit a minimum threshold price. This auction will be conducted on a per-country basis. The deadlines to apply and submit a bid is September 13, 2019. The primary requirement for entering the auction is by showing support to the local language throughout its interface menus in the country where they are applying for. 

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