Google, one of the tech giants, now and then is known for testing its new features on its official devices. Recently, they tested the Saving Call Screen Audio features on their pixel devices. Google always makes an extra effort to confirm that every new technology serves as a flawless technology. Google provides its user with an optimal experience. 

What is “Saving Call Screen Audio” Feature?

As we know that “Call Screen” is an amazing feature that Google has added in the dialer app on their Pixel Smartphones. This is a convenient feature that lets you know and figures out who is calling you and most importantly why? 

This features also serves as an entertainment medium. You can annoy your friends and family with this feature. The technology is based on the “WaveNet text-to-speech engine” powered by Google itself. With the help of this, you can choose whether to receive the call or to hang up them. Google is constantly working on this feature. Now they have added a few new features that we were waiting for. Google added the “Audio Passthrough” a feature by which you can hear the caller yourself and later you can save the transcription once the call ends. 

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What’s New in this?

To further improve the capability of the feature, it has been reported that Google is working to add the ability to let you save the audio from a Call Screen session. However, it might be limited to Google employees only.

Furthermore, Google said that an APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application. However, the features that have been mentioned here may not make it in the future release due to the unimplemented in the live build. They have said that they might pull off this development at any future build.

Saving Call Screen Audio Feature
Call Screen Feature

The above image is the result of a new option shown on a Google Pixel 2 XL. You can force it to show up in the dialer settings. However, it is hard to mention as we were unable to figure out where it’s saving the call audio so we don’t know if it works or not. In our opinion, it won’t work anyway because it may for the Googler-only. 

There are some other features we were able to enable is a new preview of Call Screen transcripts in the call logs. In the screenshot below,

Google Assistant icon
Google Assistant Icon

When you were on the call, you can observe the Google Assistant icon and a small snippet of it. This might be good if you want a quick preview of the voice recording of the transcription in the case you can’t remember what the call was about.

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