Google is constantly aware of the existence of malicious apps on the play store therefore, they take strict actions to overcome through this. According to a new report, Google has removed 85 Apps from the Playstore. This is because they were found containing Adware virus inside.

The security researchers at Trend Micro found around 85 apps on Play Store that were infected with adware virus. Soon, Google got the information on this and they removed the apps. You will be astonished to know that the majority of the apps which were discovered were found to be disguised. Most of them used either a photography app or gaming apps.

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What is Adware Virus?

Generally, Adwares are the software applications in which you see advertising banners. A program runs at the background for displaying those adds. The media used to deliver these adds are pop-up windows or bars which you see on the program’s user interface. Adware is commonly created for computers, but, it can also be used for mobile devices.

Adware Virus
An Example of Adware Virus

But, most of the adware is infected in today’s world. They contain adware virus, therefore, they are often criticized. They consist of malicious and harmful code that tracks and records users vital information. Moreover, they also keep track of the internet browsing habits of the user to show potential adds.

Although these data are processed for the user for displaying them customized ads, these software act a as spyware also. What is even more annoying to know that this is done without the user’s concern. People who do these activities want data. Once they collect user’s data, they often sell them to third parties thus making a huge amount of money. These intrusive practices are not safe for people and have prompted an outcry from computer security.

What Report Says About the Apps Infection

According to the report, Trend Micro detected yet another real-life example of the adware virus for android platform and they have named it “AndroidOS_Hidenad” or “HRXH“. They found that apart from displaying advertisements, they are difficult to close. Also, according to Ecular Xu, who is the threat response engineer at Trend Micro-they consist of unique techniques to evade detection through user behavior and time-based triggers.

Apps like Super Selfie, Cos Camera, Pop Camera, and One Stroke Line Puzzle are the most popular among the total 85 apps that have an adware virus infection. Also, these apps were uploaded form a genuine developer account and they all contain similar shared code for infection.

But need not worry as researchers at Trend Micro pointed out that this adware should only affect phones running older versions of Android so, better update your phone to be safe.

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