Google is stepping legs into the market of unlimited offers of Telecom Service providers. Currently, Google has announced the launch of this new unlimited plan of Google Fi. Consequently, among competitors, Google stood up mentioning that it will provide a clearer picture for the consumers. In addition, Google has promised to provide all this unlimited plan at better prices for the consumer. Also, it will provide the customer with cloud nine and other cloud services options.

Previously in 2015, Google launched Google Fi when the unlimited plan was rare. But, now all other carriers have occupied the same space as for unlimited plan. So, Google is going to add one new service to Google Fi i.e. pay for the amount of data you use. However, this will be beneficial for frequent data users.

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Unlimited plan of Google Fi

Basically, the company has declared that it will provide 100GB free cloud storage with 1 Google membership plan. The price of the plan starts from $45 a line per month for 4-6 lines. The price gets raised in fashion like $50 a line for 3 lines, $60 a line for 2 lines and $70 a line for 1 line.

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The 100GB of cloud storage will be offered with the Google One membership. Basically, this gives users an option of unrestrained method of collecting data in the cloud. Like automatic photo upload on cloud or photo backups. Importantly, through this plan, Google will provide discounts on google products also.

Interestingly, this pack will include unlimited text, talk, and data as its name suggests. Nevertheless, the users will enjoy free international calls and unlimited texting to around 200 overseas countries with no additional charges. In contrast, just the user’s speed will throttles in case if he hits margin of 22 GB in that month. Therefore, it is expected to throttle only by 1% and also customers are being warned with optimization of video streaming quality to 480 p resolution (DVD resolution quality).

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