Recently, reports say that Apple will apparently launch foldable iPhones in 2021. Several market manufacturers are suspected to produce foldable devices as the next popular category of device generation. Furthermore, Apple is already working on folding iPhones at a steady rate with technology.

Money is major concern in Foldable iPhones

The big concern is the cost related to Apple’s foldable iPhones. Hence, as the cost of foldable iPhone or iPad will be more than regular iPhone or iPad without foldable display. But according to the new UBS survey, the apple phone users are ready to spend an amount of $600 for apple’s foldable products.

UBS survey

CNBC reports that UBS accomplished survey to gauge consumer interest and involvement in foldable devices.

CNBC also reported that the Cupertino giant is developing a folding iPhone. Yet the belief is that the release of folding iPad will be led by folding iPhone. Also, China could be largest demand market for foldable devices makes the headlines.

Apple foldable iPhones concept
Apple foldable iPhone Concept

How Samsung failed in foldable devices release?

Samsung spearheading launched the first foldable device in the market i.e. Samsung Galaxy fold. For the reason, Samsung was to win manufacturers race but the product release did not meet up to expectations of reviewers. Finally, Samsung Galaxy folds were needed to beat the retreat and quickly remodel the design & other aspects. In present, Samsung is working on an updated release of folding devices with no faults.

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Foldable Devices Market

Consequently, Huawei with its foldable phone i.e. Mate X model is expected to be the second company to launch foldable devices and the announcement of release was to be forecasted by now. Therefore, the reason came in front are of the company going into a shell. However, the other foldable devices lined up include the name of Motorola RAZR by Motorola Company. Also, Microsoft and Lenovo are the other two companies showing immense interest in folding mobile market.  

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