Generally, we assume that Software development industry has always been under the guidance of men. In other words, the male-dominated industries to be more precise. But, it is not the case my friends. Through this post, you will discover programming languages that women created. While women are making a significant impact on each sector of society, they too have extensively contributed to the computing world. So, it will be unfair to assert that women have not made any important and lasting contribution to the development of programming languages. In fact, you will be astonished to know that the world’s first computer programming language was, a woman created one. 

5 Programming Languages Created By Women: 

1. ARC Assembly

Katheleen Booth, women created programming language.
Katheleen Booth(1950).

In the early days of programming, machine code was popular unlike today’s scripting English like language, for instance, Python. ARC was one such machine code language which was created by Katheleen Booth(1950). At this age, programmers had to make rigorous efforts to write code because all the code was mostly written in machine code i.e 0s and 1s. Assembly language like ARC (Automatic Relay Calculator) was developed to make computer programs easier and more reliable. Kathleen created the language when she was working at Birkbeck College in the UK.

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COBOL programming by women
COBOL programming

Grace Hopper in1959 forged this programming language. She also wrote the first implemented compiler in the world. Well, she was literally one of the brightest minds of that time. The  (COBOL) stands for common business-oriented language. Few of her colleagues which included the members of the Conference on Data Systems Languages Records also assisted her while designing the language. The language was born out of a need by the US government and businesses for data processing programming language. 


Jean Sammet
Jean Sammet

FORMAC was actually an extension of the FORTRAN language, IBM developed it in the 1950s. FORTRAN was mostly used for mathematical computation and scientific computing. IBM hired Jean Sammet a lady to work on the language, in 1962, she developed FORMAC ( FORmula MAnipulation Compiler) addition to the language. This language later became one of the most popular languages for symbolic mathematical computations. 

4. CLU 

CLU programming language created by women

Barbara Liskov in 1974  from MIT developed this language. It was an object-oriented programming language. The invention of CLU was a metamorphic step towards object-oriented programming languages. Moreover, Liskov was the first woman in the US to be awarded a Ph.D. in computer science. She introduced concepts like abstract data types, iterators, and parallel assignment which proved to be of immense importance in the coding world. Even though this language lacked some of the key OOPS features, it actually set a path and influenced well-known modern-day languages like Java, Python, etc.


BBC BASIC programming
BBC BASIC programming

Television was on the boom in early 1980. Considering this, Sophie Wilson in 1981 created the BBC BASIC programming language. It was the first programming language created for television programming. In 1981, the BBC wanted to air a program called The Computer Literacy Project to teach people about programming. The language was specifically created for this program. So, Sophie Wilson, a computer scientist wrote a new version of BASIC for BBC in under 16KB.

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