Maybe you are very young to read this blog or just entered the phase of your 20s as I have. Anyways, who so ever you are, whats your age is doesn’t matter? Today, you will learn the five key lessons for your 20s which will help you to become successful in your life.

The 20s is the phase of life full of energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, excitement, and extreme willingness to set up your future. For some, it is their golden period while for others, it is the time full of compromises. These compromises could be from themselves, family, relationships, work, lifestyle or perhaps from everything which they see around. I cannot say whether everybody 20s is thrilled and exhilarating. But, for some people, this phase of life is dedicated to achieving their dreams while for others it is the time for finding happiness from the worldly matters.

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The Reality of Life and Key Lessons for your 20s

This phrase is so true “Time and Tide wait for none”. The last 10 years of my life seem to have flown by so quickly. From school to high-school then to college and now M.S. Every passing year has taught me some lessons which have aid in developing my personality. We all are growing older every passing day. Realizing this fact may lead us to think “ooh I have less time to finish my goals”.

Key lessons for your 20s

We all know that we are growing older and our youth are slipping away. There could be a plethora of recreation activities you must have thought of to accomplish when you enter your 20s. But is it the right time to do so?. We all want that our 20s must be full of joy, love, courage, laughter, friendship, passion, excitement, and surprises. But, there is also an immense pressure to start a career which could lead us to a happy and wealthy life.

Life is not fair – get used to it: Bill Gates

Life is not less than a gamble. It teaches us how to recover from sadness, heartbreak, failure, rejections, betrayal, depression and disappointments. Moreover, one of the biggest mistakes that we usually do is to assume that we always learn from our mistakes. I have met enough people who learned little from their own stupidity including myself. So, don’t repeat your mistakes again and again instead, follow these key lessons for your 20s right away.

These are the five Key Lessons for your 20s

I would be honest with you. All that we want is a perfect life. In the quest of achieving and earning money, we ignore many things. I understand that no one likes to make mistakes or harm others intentionally. But the life we are living forces us to do so. Its a race to become rich, wealthy and famous. And, to succeed in this race we all invest our time, energy, and money. Therefore, we need certain tips and tricks to make this race a little easy. Through these key lessons for your 20s, I want you all to make an effort to learn from the things that you wish you didn’t do.

If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake but, if you die poor it’s your mistake: Bill gates

1. Stop caring What other People Says

We all know these people who always pay heed to others life. Trust me, these are the worst people of your life and my best advice would be to stay away from them as soon as possible. In fact, we probably are these people. Do you know why? Because we are never satisfied with what we have or what we do. It’s dam hard to realize this but it is my friends.

It’s our tendency to disgrace when somebody fails. Believe me, nothing comes at once. It is the failure that teaches and guides us for the right path. But, most of us humiliate other failures and actions. So, in your 20s, try to ignore what others perceive of you. Simply know that it’s not your problem, it’s theirs and let them think and laugh at you. Don’t take their negativity to heart, just keep going and do your work. Those people are not worthy to be in your life. Believe me, every successful person has been told they can’t achieve their goal, but they did right! So don’t listen, just keep working on your dreams.

2. Your Unhappiness is Yours- Don’t Blame others for It

At many times, you may feel unhappy and there could be a myriad of reasons for it. For, instance, the most common is having expectations from others. Its human tendency to assume that someone is responsible for their fate. Whatever is happening is because of others which are absolutely not. You and only you are responsible for your mood and mentality. Stop blaming others for your mental condition and behaviour.

don't blame
Don’t Blame

Believe me, doing this will make you feel at ease and you will stop overthinking on useless thoughts. Your hollowness will disappear and you can concentrate on your goals and personal life in a better way. We have been grown up in an environment where our parents, siblings, family members, or any other person are responsible for what we do. Hence, we develop a habit of blaming others for useless reasons. But that’s not true. Accept your unhappiness, and find an answer for your unhappiness which will help you more than anybody else so, think about it.

Being unhappy wastes a lot of your precious time and energy. This phase of your life is extremely crucial and you just can’t lose it because of your own stupidity. Trust me no one will be bothered from your condition at any stage of your life. If you were thinking that somebody will hug you and share your unhappyness then you are in the wrong direction and fooling yourself.

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3. Stop wasting Time on others

According to me, this is probably one of the most important key lessons for your 20s i.e. wasting time on others people work and considering their work more important than yours. Being supportive and helpful is good and everyone should be. But doing it extensively for others in a hope that they will feel happy, is just foolishness of yours. You might be in the biggest misconception of this world i.e. doing others works will make you a worthy person in their perception. No-no and never stop doing it right now.

At this phase of life, invest time to build your own career and focus on your work. The priority should be your tasks and goals, not other people’s work. Being helping in nature can be negative in certain circumstances. So, be wise because people in your environment don’t strive for the same things as you. Many people use your politeness and helping nature for their purpose and they themselves live a timid life. People who don’t want anything from life spend their time watching tv, going to parties, procrastinating for every work and then say sorry “I AM VERY BUSY, DON’T HAVE TIME”. Trust me they are cheating themselves and will never succeed in life. So, don’t give your time to these losers. The time is limited so as you, utilize it for your development.

4. Don’t Be Overconfident and think that you are the Genius

Being confident and intelligent is a good sign but excess of everything is bad. Many of us overestimate our knowledge and potential which lead us to our destruction. If you think that you know everything in your field of interest then there is only one word to describe you i.e. ‘IDIOT’. Well at some stage of my life, I was an idiot so it is very common to meet these people everywhere.

Maybe it is not our fault that we assume to be a genius. It could be because of our surrounding also. For, instance, people around you might be of less intellect and you are the wisest among all. It will create an illusion that you know everything in this world. But, you are wrong. Ego is the sign of being an idiot so, keep your ego aside and understand that life is not about impressing others or showing off it about using your Brain at the right time.

key lesson of life, confidence
Confidence level

In addition to this, it is about fulfillment and being humble. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to be humble at every stage of your life not only in your 20s.

5. Don’t Give Up- Keep Trying

Other key lessons for your 20s are not giving up by facing failures. Life is not easy and at every step, you need to face exams, struggles, rejections, and humiliations. It is like a battlefield where you are a soldier and you have to fight. Leaving or giving up is not an option. If you do so then it is your end.

No, I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated: Elon Musk

Most of the successful person who has ever existed in this world have one thing in common i.e. they never, ever give up. They faced humongous difficulties, bank corrupted themselves and even challenged their death but they never gave up. This was because they were determined to achieve and invested most of their life in that.

You never know how much closer you have come to your success. Life gives us ample of opportunities. It’s up to us whether we catch them or let them pass away silently. So keep grinding. Trying is the ultimate key to success. Nobody is born genius, they become genius by trying. They are regular people like us who work incredibly hard on what they want. Keep one thing in mind that even when every odd is against you, it’s your dedication and passion that will provide you the power to withstand the harsh situation.

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