Have you ever come across such thing like feeling empty? Have you ever felt like doing nothing at all for hours and days? I have felt all of that to be very honest. In fact, there was no such thing around me making me feel that way. Still, I felt some sort of nothingness and hollowness in my life which is nothing but feeling empty.

I was stuck in that kind of situation where I just went on thinking and overthinking things which had nothing to do with me or the thing itself. I kept on staring at the wall lost in memories and drew so many unrelated things out of that one memory. Memories which were happy, good, cherishable and bad, terrifying and horrible at the same time.

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Feeling Empty
Feeling Empty can make you dead while being alive

You know the things to which you classify as memory are something that makes you feel good, amazing or best about yourself. The place, time and people that made you feel so good and secure about yourself. What if one day you realize that it’s never going to come back? You will just have memories and not the same people, place and time you were so attached to.

That day will be your worst day, isn’t it? And it is during those dark days you’ll feel empty. Feeling of emptiness will dominate you and you will feel hollow from inside. It leaves you helpless and makes you sorrowful knowing that you can’t do anything about it. Have you ever wondered why does this happen? Why it leaves us hopeless and fills us with nothingness? So let’s dig deeper into that and I’ll try my best to let you know that and get you out of it.

So what exactly is Feeling Empty or say Emptiness?

Emptiness is a kind of feeling where you just spend a lot of your valuable time thinking and doing nothing. You feel frustrated with yourself and you don’t regret wasting so much of your time thinking and lying hopelessly on your bed. You’ll pray and wish for the past golden life to reappear that gave you pleasure and feeling of joy. But unfortunately, it won’t return. Feeling empty is the worst feeling one can have and all you’ll do is hope for some magic which will turnaround your fortune all of a sudden.

Why do people feel empty?

So let’s face it. We feel a certain way and it’s never same across the stages of life we go through. The one who felt extreme joy at one point of his life has to face something in future that might hurt them or disappoint them and vice versa. What you have to be cautious about is that this feeling must not last for long, else it’ll leave you depressed.

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As per my experience, what I have observed so far might probably have helped me to get to a point that it all starts with the lifestyle we tend to adopt. When you are surrounded by your competitors and are provided with the task to complete, you feel duty-bound to finish it within the timeline. Simply put, this thing will add a purpose in your life and you’ll act accordingly. It’ll keep you busy and you won’t be having enough time to overthink hopelessly. The moment the purpose is lost you’ll start feeling empty as now you have no task ahead which you’re supposed to fulfill immediately.

The second key point

The second thing is the kind of extreme attachment people tend to develop with a certain place and people. Their desire is to stay acquainted with them forever in their life. That sort of attachment do not let them accept a sudden change in their life. They constantly deny it and try to control things. But, seeing it going out of their control makes them more miserable. So, they end up crying over it wanting it back helplessly.

Another point is that sometimes people despite having so much by their side, tend to waste a lot of their time in procrastinating. They keep on passing their work for the next day. so, at the end of the day, the work piles up which further depresses them and leaves them feeling hopeless or empty.

This journey of emptiness is so exhausting that it frustrates you and one day you decide to get rid of it completely. But how to do that? Let’s figure it out together.

How to get rid of this emptiness feeling?

First of all, I would like you to realize the fact that feeling empty will not get you anywhere and will not do any good to you. So the sooner you realize it better will be the chances for you to get out of it.

1. Have a Purpose

First thing is to have a purpose in life. Once you have set a goal for yourself you’ll work towards it hard to make it happen. No matter how small the goal is once you fix it and work towards that it’ll do you some good and bring you happiness. You’ll be more confident about yourself now and much motivated to take up another task. This thing will keep you moving forward and forward.

emptiness feeling
Don’t let things go beyond your control

2. Get Rid of Extreme Attachments

Next in the line is getting rid of the extreme sense of attachment you develop and accept change. As the saying goes, change is necessary for development. This is a mature thing to do. Accepting Changes in your life makes you smarter and develops emotional intelligence. Surrounding yourself with new people and getting acquainted with the new place will eventually fill you with new experiences. Now you’ll have something to engage with and keep yourself busy in. And the emptiness is gone now!

3. Stop Procrastinating Now

The last you’ll have to do is to stop procrastinating. One of our worst enemies is laziness. It’ll keep you from doing your task. So remember not to get caught in the trap and push yourself to do your work. Get the hell out of your bed to do the damn thing as soon as possible. Do whatever it takes, set the target, fix the timetable go out and make it happen.

In the end, I would say the problem always is not associated with the circumstances but the way we respond to it or the way we handle it. It is rightly said,

The poorer we are inwardly the more we try to enrich ourselves outwardly~ Bruce Lee.

It implies that the emptier you are the needier you come across. So stop projecting yourself as a needy person, stand on your own, and get it done and show it to the world.

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