Oh!! It’s September!!!! Therefore, new iPhones are on their way to launch. Reports and new gossip convey us that new models of iPhone like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max i.e. support fast charging. But, Did you ever think that just owning fast charging iPhones is sufficient or something more is required?

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Actually, it isn’t enough to just own devices or new applications. In addition, you should be aware of the use of those applications and devices. If you ever wish to charge the iPhone at minimum duration, then use of type C USB is required. As we know, Apple claims to charge 50% in around 30 minutes which is impressive with the new generation fast charging iPhones.

Fast charging iPhones
Representational Image of iPhone 11 (concept model)

Apple will include Fast charging in iPhones

Moreover, the round the corner news says that iPhone 11 series will include Type C USB for charging the phone. Previously, Apple used to assure that its iPhones are designed to support fast charging. But anyhow users were left with tiresome job of charging their phones. But the launch of 10th September is supposed to include powerful charger of type C USB.

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However, this news was out by tweet made by-charger LAB.

According to their report, Apple will switch from traditional 5 Watt charger to type-C charger. Consequently, Type-c charger inbox will mean that the fast charging will be there inbox itself. Also, it is seen like the iPhone 11 series will have the same port thing with lightning connector support.

Last year in 2018, the same news of the inclusion of the type-C charger was out in media. But, later on, proved as faulty news. Maybe this time also the news about the launch of the iPhone 11 series with type C charger will prove off point news.

In conclusion, very less time is left to wait. However, Apple is soon to reveal all details about the 11th series launch.

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