In a recent report, Facebook is going rename the two most popular messaging platform WhatsApp and Instagram. This is no doubt a bold decision that Facebook is advancing for. Well, it is amazing to conquer the people’s reaction to the decision. 

Why Facebook is going to Rename WhatsApp and Instagram?

Instagram and WhatsApp are going to be renamed by amalgamating Facebook’s label to both messaging and multimedia apps. This change is expected to happen soon. One the company spokesperson confirmed the same. In the conversation, he said that “Brace yourselves for “Instagram” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”.

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He further said that the company wants to be clearer about the products and services they offer. These services are part of Facebook. 

Facebook to rename whatsapp and Instagram
Whatsapp and Instagram are now from Facebook

This action by Facebook is a re-branding strategy which is a result of antitrust regulators who inspected the company’s holding. However, the renaming will not hamper the day to day use of the users. We will see no change in the name of apps on our phone’s home screen at least for some time. The changes will be done in the Play Store and App Store, which is the first point of contact between the user and the apps.

Users Reactions on the Renaming Decision

This is irrefutable to say that one of the biggest company-Facebook has somehow succeeded in managing to draw the attention of the youngsters to WhatsApp and Instagram. Both the app are tremendously popular among teenagers and Facebook is renaming them for its personal cause. So, changing or putting Facebook on top of these apps will not affect the user base of the company. 

Moreover, putting Facebook’s label will shout out loud that Facebook is the in-charge of Instagram and WhatsApp before downloading these applications could be seen as a turn off for many that is what many users have suggested. A plethora of users have shown their disregard towards this branding effort by Facebook. 

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