Nowadays everyone is becoming the victim of cyber attacks. Not only the companies even a particular person is getting attacked by hackers for various reasons. This is the reason why Cyber Security Courses is becoming popular. DDOS, everyone must have heard about this term or faced this attack in a group or individually. DDOS is an attack used to send a lot of traffic on a server to make it down.

In this age, when the world is becoming fully digital, cyber-attacks have increased at an alarming rate with a plethora of options. Nowadays an individual person is also moving towards learning Cyber Security Courses which is a very good part. In this war, we have to safeguard ourself like a warrior.

How To Move Toward Cyber Security Courses?

So overall, Cybersecurity is not an easy domain to master. For this, first of all, you should have knowledge about Computer Science branch if possible. After taking knowledge of computer science, you should move in command and use the terminal in Linux as much as you can. Subsequently, mastering in that, you should take the whole overview of networking. For instance, how a network works and how to control it? After that, you can start learning cybersecurity by either online or offline training on cybersecurity after networking.

My personal advice is to go with offline training once for at least. So that you get exposure and an overview of the field and industry then you can learn online also. If a person is from a non-computer science background, then he/she has to grasp great knowledge of network first. After that, he/she can go for a certain certification in cybersecurity.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Certified Ethical Cyber Security Courses

It is the certification offered by the international EC – Council. It will give you an intermediate level of knowledge about cyber and help you in getting a job in Cyber field seamlessly.

CISM (Certified Information Security Management)


It is a good course for the individual who wants to do management, developing and overseeing information security system. Further, there are a lot more Cyber Security Courses like OSCP, CompTIA Security+, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). But, they are not enough to get you all the knowledge about cybersecurity. 

To become a good cyber expert you have to keep yourself updated with each and every attack originating in the market. To become a good cybersecurity expert, you have to keep searching about the attacks

Should I rely on Cybersecurity Courses or not?

Nowadays as per increasing cyber awareness number of cyber professionals have come to existence. People are also moving towards cyber centers by that cyber training centers are also booming. As a result, the course duration is also increasing from 3 months to 9 months. However, not all the centers are bad, WHY?

Almost every training center of cybersecurity provides the same type of courses. So how we will come to know that the training provided by the center will be good or not. Therefore, we can do social engineering. In other words, check their reviews and ratings online which will give us a fair picture of the center but in this also they can put fake reviews and ratings. To crack this you can check the students of that center on LinkedIn and ask them about the reviews.

Some of the training centers don’t give basic information about the course. About 70% of students lack behind at the beginning itself. Some training centers give so much of basic knowledge which is not bad but student got bored by that.

According to me, 6 months training is enough to get an overview of cybersecurity. After that training, you can grow yourself as much as you can by doing an internship and by doing online courses and researches.

How To Choose The Right Field in Cybersecurity?

It totally depends upon your interest. In cybersecurity, there are a lot of interesting fields like VAPT(Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing), SOC (Security operation center), Cybercrime investigation and many more. So, first of all, you have to do deep research on all these fields then only you can come across with a solution. In starting you can start normally without taking any tension while learning about commands (terminal) and networking you can think about the field.

There is not any sort of thing that this field has less scope or high scope. Each and every field has a good scope in cybersecurity because of all deal with the attacks.

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