This article will tell you how to check symptoms of Coronavirus in yourself, how to be secure from Coronavirus, how to make a mask for at home and what is prevention you can take for Coronavirus. This article is only for Social cause. We want to make our world Happy and secure. So this article will be short, simple and informative.

Coronavirus symptoms
CoronaVirus Symptoms

Step:1 How to detect Coronavirus symptoms by yourself?

How anyone gets to know that he/she is infected from coronavirus before they get fever or cough symptoms and go to the hospital, Lungs is usually 50% fibrosis and it’s too late.

Taiwan Doctors had given simple self checkup advice which everyone can do every morning just in 10 sec. Take a deep breath and hold it for 10 sec and if you are able to hold that without coughing or without discomfort than your lungs are working properly and there is no fibrosis in your lungs.

*Note: Please check the above idea in clean air only probably in the morning with fresh air.

Step:2 How to prevent your self from it?

Make sure that your throat is wet every time for that drinking water after every 15minutes because even if the virus gets into your mouth than water or any liquid sip flush that virus into your esophagus. Once the virus gets into your stomach than stomach acid will kill that and you will be virus-free again.

If you don’t drink water regularly then no virus can enter your lungs or windpipe and that can be dangerous. Read the below post on how to drink water properly?

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Step:3 Steps to make your self clean from Coronavirus

  1. When you feel dirty wash your hand immediately, approximately after every 3o minutes or after touching a contaminated surface.
  2. Cover your cough with a napkin or from your radial, dors, antebrachial cut (Biceps part) *Note not with palm because that we use to shake hands and from that, we can transfer germs.
  3. Avoid coming in contact with sick people and make 1 miter distance with everyone if possible.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, ears or nose.
  5. Go for medical advice immediately if you are facing symptoms of the corona.

Step:4 How to make a mask for Coronavirus at home

As we all know that China had stopped making masks or slow down the process because of infected people working labor became less.

We can easily make a mask at home to secure ourselves to some extent from corona.

  1. Take a tissue paper, preferable Linen tissue(Minimum 2).
  2. Put both tissues on each other.
  3. Take Hand Wipes put it inner part of mask which will come in contact with your nose.
  4. Put a rubber on both ends and your own temporary mask is ready.

Personal advice: As we all know Coronavirus infects the person first who has a weak immune system. So for making your immune system strong speak OM every day 21 times. I can’t explain how it will make your immune system strong but according to a lot of history researches it will and there is no harm to doing it.

Be Strong, Be happy


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