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iPhone security Flaw

iPhone security has a flaw- Report Google hackers

Apple products specially iPhones are known for their extraordinary security. But, recently, Google hackers have found some iPhone security flaws. The day...
travel tips

Six Best Travel Tips That can keep you Healthy

Eating healthy, exercising at home is a different thing but when we talk about traveling, then we forget about our health. We...
surface attack

Attack Surface: How to Minimize in your Network?

In simple terms, Attack surface is the number of ways that how attacker can attack your network. A maximum number of loophole...
Vulnerability assessment

What is Vulnerability assessment – Steps of VAPT

Vulnerability assessment or say vulnerability testing, tests the software for checking the security risk in a network. Vulnerability is a type of...
5g tech

What is 5G Technology: Foundation of Next Generation

Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speeds and more functionality to our smartphones than the last one. 1G brought us...