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It is very important to have an unbiased reviews of anything you use. Whether they are books, products, gadgets, etc. So, at breakingolds.com, we try to write a genuine review of these things. This can help to select a better product.

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Fastest Silicon SPin Two Qubit Gate

20 years ago, designing scalable Quantum computer-based on encoding information on a silicon lattice was conceived at UNSW Sydney. This approach of...
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Apple’s New MacBook Pro 13-inch with Discounts

It's celebration time from Apple one of the most valued tech companies in the world as it has launched an all-new MacBook...

How AI will affect Social Media in the Future?

Over the last decade, we have seen exponential advancement in social media applications and their uses. Now, future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI)...
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Computer Interaction: What is the Importance of Teachers?

This article provides a brief description of the relationship of a teacher in computer Interaction. In other sense, the computer-related attitudes with...

What is Information Security Management System?

Abstract—This paper presents knowledge about the Information security management system and its different frameworks. How to implement ISMS so that it meets...