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Venugopala Swamy temple

Venugopala Swamy Temple: A Regained Heritage Site

Through this post, I will take you the ride of Venugopala Swamy Temple, the place I wanted to visit since childhood. I...
ROI and TCO in cloud

What is ROI & TCO in Cloud Economics?

In Cloud economics, apart from the CapEx and OpEx, there are a plethora of things which are important. To provide an agile,...
access control

Improper Access Control: A Complete Guide

Abstract—This paper presents a knowledge about access control that how access should be granted to the employee by considering the security measures....

Five Key Lessons for your 20s to become Successful

Maybe you are very young to read this blog or just entered the phase of your 20s as I have. Anyways, who...
technology in health-care

How Technology is changing Health-Care?

Personal technology is changing health-care and ushering us to a new era. Fundamentally changing how and where medical decisions are made and...