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Sonal is an excellent writer and interested in quantum technology. She loves traveling, and spending time on historic sites.

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How AI will affect Social Media in the Future?

Over the last decade, we have seen exponential advancement in social media applications and their uses. Now, future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI)...

For Tax Assessment India will use AI and ML

Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) is going to disrupt our country. As we know, AI and ML complement to human intelligence and...
Vulnerability assessment

What is Vulnerability assessment – Steps of VAPT

Vulnerability assessment or say vulnerability testing, tests the software for checking the security risk in a network. Vulnerability is a type of...
Apple foldable iphones

Foldable iPhones to be launched till 2021: Says Apple

Recently, reports say that Apple will apparently launch foldable iPhones in 2021. Several market manufacturers are suspected to produce foldable devices as...
Hanguang 800 AI chip

Self-Developed AI Chip for Cloud Services: Unveils Alibaba

25 September 2019, the CTO of Alibaba, "Jeff Zhang" unveils us the all-new self-developed AI chip for Cloud Computing services. It is...