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Founded BrekaingOlds in July 2019. #include #include Int main(family) Clrscr(past); { Puts(Flamboyance); Return 22; Getlove(); }

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What is DNS, Steps For DNS Lookup?

Domain Name server(DNS) is the most important term on the internet. This is because, without this, we can not access the Internet efficiently....

How to use Multi-Cloud? Find out from Google expert

Multi-cloud (multi-cloud or multicloud) is nothing but using more than one cloud platform. In other words, the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services from various...

Samsung To Launch GalaxyFold SmartPhone

Samsung is no doubt one of the market leaders in the smartphone industry. Now, this South Korean electronics giant has announced to release GalaxyFold...
security fundamentals

Security Fundamentals : Physical and Network Security

You will get hundreds of articles on the internet on Security Fundamentals. But no one talks about the real concepts. They write...

For Tax Assessment India will use AI and ML

Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) is going to disrupt our country. As we know, AI and ML complement to human intelligence and...