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Nancy is a Physical Design Engineer, social worker, and writer. She is passionate about art, dancing, and guitar.

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What is Virtualization and Virtual Machine?

The word "Virtualization and Virtual Machine" can put you in deep imaginations but don't worry. This blog post will talk about virtual...
fake image

Adobe’s AI Can Detect Fake Photographed Images

The American based tech giant Adobe has come up with a new Artificial intelligence software that can now detect the fake photographed...
ROI and TCO in cloud

What is ROI & TCO in Cloud Economics?

In Cloud economics, apart from the CapEx and OpEx, there are a plethora of things which are important. To provide an agile,...
computer interaction

Computer Interaction: What is the Importance of Teachers?

This article provides a brief description of the relationship of a teacher in computer Interaction. In other sense, the computer-related attitudes with...

What is Information Security Management System?

Abstract—This paper presents knowledge about the Information security management system and its different frameworks. How to implement ISMS so that it meets...