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Nancy is a Physical Design Engineer, social worker, and writer. She is passionate about art, dancing, and guitar.

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Five Key Lessons for your 20s to become Successful

Maybe you are very young to read this blog or just entered the phase of your 20s as I have. Anyways, who...
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Cryptocurrency Exchange- Remember These Useful Tips

The cryptocurrency exchange has become very popular over the years. Since the release of the Cryptocurrency, it has been a buzz word...
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Apple’s New MacBook Pro 13-inch with Discounts

It's celebration time from Apple one of the most valued tech companies in the world as it has launched an all-new MacBook...

Google Removes 85 Apps Containing Adware Virus

Google is constantly aware of the existence of malicious apps on the play store therefore, they take strict actions to overcome through...

Google’s Shoelace – A New Social Media Application

Google's Shoelace is an all-new social media platform designed for the future and to tie people together. Google is coming back with...