Amazon Rainforest is depleting consistently. Reports from Brazil National Institute for space research (INPE) and the new headlines highlights this fact. Since 15 August, more than 9500 forests are set on fire across Brazil. Consequently, researchers have recorded 74,000 forest fires in Brazil this year. Therefore, the number is almost double the count i.e. 40,000 from last year.

“The lungs of the planet is getting destroyed”

Amazon Rainforest is on Risk

Primarily, the Amazon rainforest i.e. termed as the “lungs of the planet” is rapidly burning. However, the INPE reports released on Monday. The reports mention about Amazonas being the largest state in Brazil is a state of emergency. A former army captain promised to restore the environmental economy by campaigning about the forest’s economic potential.

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Effects on Amazonas due to Fire

The rapidly increasing fire in the Amazon Rainforest has catholic and widespread effects on complete Brazil. Amazonas smoke crest feigned into the nearby states of Mato Grosso, Sau Paulo & Para. As a result, the sky of Amazonas has turned dark and is also affecting cities around 3,200 kilometers away.

Amazon Rainforest fire
Image Source: BBC News

Copernicus published a map highlighting the smoke spreading all around Brazil until the east Atlantic coast. The smoke gradually has immersed in half of the country and is now knocking over into neighboring countries like Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Paraguay.

How Amazon Rainforest is Beneficial?

The Amazon Rainforest plays a crucial role in balancing the Earth’s carbon-dioxide level. Likewise, Flora takes in carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the atmosphere which is essential for the survival of fauna. Furthermore, Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest produce almost 20% of oxygen consumed by our planet. It covers around 2.1 million square miles of forest. Therefore, it is home to about 3,000,000 species of flora and fauna and one million indigenous people.

The burning

Who is the victim for the Incident?

Many Environmental groups are campaigning to save the Amazon from long. Almost environmentalists and activists are found to blame Jair Bolsonaro, president of brazil. Jair is encouraging deforestation. Hence, they found the endangerment and destruction of precious rainforest i.e. Amazon rainforest. From the start, Bolsonaro’s is controversial in case of environmental policies. Rainforest is suffering at an accelerated rate since he took the office.

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